What’s Up With Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are weird. You may or may not get a lot of invitations to them, depending on your friends on there. But if you do get a lot, we think you’ll recognize some of these kinds of groups. They’re usually strange, confusing, or a sales attempt. The titles are either vague or infuriating. And, worst of all, nobody ever stops talking.

join everything

We haven’t seen any that we’re likely to join, lately. But we can only imagine the groups that would actually tempt us into clicking that Accept button. Wait, is that how you join a group? Anyway, here are some we might consider.


Artists Trying to Have A Shower

So Amandoll has been invited to various Artists Trying to Make a Living groups. Obviously she didn’t join because the word “trying” is a mighty insult to us. You know what’s actually hard though? Getting out of bed in the morning and making it all the way to the bathroom to shower. We get it, and we think you do too.

Join this group and we can all offer support with our Trying to Have a Shower. Do you need some encouragement to take that last step into the bathroom? Are your blankets just So Warm? Are you so tired you feel like you might just die? We’re here for each other, friend.


Hate Watchers: Recipes & Tips

Sure Weight Watchers is one of the most successful weight loss programs ever, but I love me some tacos and we all know that. But Hate Watching? Hook me up with some real-time Facebook arguments I can watch like a trash fire, or videos of Republican representatives accidentally calling on people who disagree with them. And anything with Congresswoman Maxine Waters in it.

Recipes for disaster or voodoo spells are also welcome and encouraged. Tips in meme form are given post priority.


Local Cat Swap Trade Buy/Sell Yard Garage Sale Market

Okay yeah we know what a swap is. What’s with these group titles? Anyway have you heard of a cat swap? It’s when you switch cats with a friend for a few hours or a day so they can have a vacation. Totally normal.

I suppose you can also find cats here. Maybe yours is a little too cuddly and someone has one that’s too aloof? That would be a good trade opportunity. I don’t approve of selling cats, but maybe you can buy and sell pet supplies here. With a cat swap focus.


Pyramid Schemes Incorporated

Do you want to buy these things? I just started using them and they’re great. You know me, and I wouldn’t say that if they weren’t really great! I can’t believed I ever lived without them. Once you try, you won’t either!

Come to my launch event this week for Pyramid Schemes Incorporated and learn all about what we do and sell! The first 3 guests to arrive get a free pyramid scheme and we’ll have samples for everyone! Maybe even some special prizes if enough people show up.

If you’re interested in becoming a PSI representative, I can help set you up with an introductory package as a new representative and my trainee. After you cut a quick check, of course. For the materials! And, you know, the whole pyramid thing.

not a scam ever

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