1000 Posts, Baby!

Can you believe it? Can you believe this big news? This is our 1000th post uploaded onto this site! Can you believe that we didn’t hit 1000 like two years ago? Well, listen, pal. We had outside distractions sometimes. A lot of sometimes.

These are three years worth of sneer campaign activity calendars: 2018, 2019, and 2020. In each, we start strong then fizzle out. In 2018 we started to fizzle in October. In 2019, it was September. And in poor p;d 2020 it was in April...
Records of Shame and Hardship.

If you can’t tell what that image shows, let me explain it. We have these calendars of the year that I make, to keep our dedication and productivity on track. Or at least, that is the intention! We started strong in 2018, 2019, and 2020. We really did mean well! In 2018, as I remember it, we started to burn out from making posts five days a week. All of those black boxes are missed days. In 2019, we wanted the same work load but started burning out even sooner until finally at the end of the year, I wasn’t even bothering to record it. And 2020… That pandemic and civil unrest got us so far down that we were sneer campaign in name only. Dollissa and I, and the other writers, just sort of survived last year, and that is fine, in light of everything.

But what has occurred in the past one thousand posts? Or more accurately, what has happened since our 500 Episode Spectacular in 2017? Good question! One that I will answer by listing things.

  • There were a lot of chat comics! About thirty more of them.
  • Our depression posts turned to covering our anxieties more often, reflecting our mental states.
  • We have 34 drafts in our post section of the site, wondering if they will ever meet public eyes.
  • We write a lot more about gardening, composting, house-living, and Covington, Kentucky.
  • We obtained: bats, Custard, Judy, Jackson, and Muriel
  • Only Custard remains of that list.
  • A whole lot of cats died.
  • Melissa moved in in 2017!
  • So did Lisa, Manny, Jamie, and Elle
  • Lisa is gone, but now there is a whole extra house in the mix!
  • We abandoned these recurring article types: irrational fear comics, true life portraits, [TV show] Is Me, whole theme weeks, story of our store, habbo hotel-related things, and we totally ran out of things to say about Halloween
  • We accidentally stopped making these, but intend to finish them some day: David Attenbowie, Sagan Moon, Vogue-cabulary, Columbo Day, Color-Me-In pages
  • I started making monthly Overindulgent Self Portraits in the style of these old 1920s magazines
  • In fact, I made one for this special occasion today!
In the style of a 1920s Para Todos magazine, Amandoll on the right in striped dress and teal tights, and Dollissa, in maroon and yellow dress and lime green star tights, bend forward. On Dollissa's dress it says "Sneer" and on Amandoll's it says "Campaign."

Beneath them it is written: "1000 Posts, Baby!"

Sneer Back

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