A Baby Is Found in the Cumberpatch!

Over the weekend, glad tidings were bestowed upon the saurian actor known as Benedict Cumberbatch and his supposedly human wife, Sophie Hunter, as their baby pod finally hatched. An unknown amount of time had passed since the fertilization of the lady, and now Earth has a new alien prince in its midst. All hail the Cumberbaby!

As always, sneer campaign has been blessed with a sitting for baby’s first formal portrait in his true shape. Yesterday, he was a perfectly scaled miniature of his adult form. Today, he has learned to take on the appearance of a human pollywog. Soon, he will look more or less like a normal human baby.

Don’t be fooled!

In a container that looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid belongs inside (complete with a parody of the logo that says Cumber Patch Kid 2015), there is a little tadpole looking creature inside.

Congratulations to the House of Cumberbatch!  Long may your spawn rule this planet.

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