A Premature Celebration of Our Impact Upon the World

Six Months

It has been six months and one day since the glorious founding of this Internet website you are on right this very moment, and oh so much has happened in that time. The earth-shattering effects we have had on all of your lives, fashion, industry, and society as a whole have been very remarkable, indeed. And in our own lives, we have taken the adulation of adoring fans and attention from intrusive paparazzi in stride. It is the life we were always meant to live.

Hello, future chronologists and biographers! We speak to you from out of the mists of the Past, and it is exciting, because after all that has happened in the first half of one year, we can’t begin to imagine what monumental happenings will follow! Well, yes we can, but that will probably become another post some day.

Meanwhile, we have decided to list some of the more important events in the nifty little image below:

Six Months Post

When will we update the About Page? How many millions of dollars will the Store make when it opens? What will we do with our new wealth? Will other writers join? How soon? Who will we alienate next? More importantly, who or what will become our next obsession?

Please, stay tuned.

Sneer Back

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