A Review of the Trampoline I Found on the Side of the Road

Last weekend I found a mini trampoline on the side of the road. I rolled it home and put it in my backyard and now it is mine. Here is my review of that trampoline.





It’s in pretty good condition! I have bounced on it at least seven times since I brought it home and it has not broken. The cover around the edges is really ripped up, though. I had to tuck one side of the cover underneath some metal bits to keep it in place. I think it is to stop you from putting your foot through the springs.



Chance of Putting Your Foot through the Springs

There is a chance I’ll put my foot through the springs, yes. Because the cover is kind of ripped up. I promise I’ll be careful.



Value for Money

This trampoline is incredible value for money, because it was free. Someone didn’t want it anymore, so they left it on the side of the road for the council to pick up. It looks like a used mini trampoline would cost around $20-$50 in my area, and that is $20-$50 more than I paid for mine.



Distance from Home

never regrets

When I first found the trampoline it was about two and a half blocks away from my house. That’s a pretty long distance to roll a trampoline, even a small one. My partner Andrew helped by carrying it for a while but as I handed the trampoline to him I accidentally hit him on the head with it. He kept carrying it anyway because he is nice.

After all of the rolling and carrying was over it was in my backyard. Very close!



Is Andrew Okay?

Yes, he is ok. He just got hit in the head with a trampoline a little bit. I do feel very bad about it though.



Fun to Jump on?


This trampoline gets maximum points for fun to jump on. It is really fun to jump on it. You can see how high you can go (please be careful of the springs) or you can just do little jumps.



Health Benefits

Is jumping on a trampoline good exercise? According to this article, Jumping on a Mini Trampoline is Ridiculously Good Exercise, it is! This is good news for me, a trampoline owner. The article says that bouncing on a trampoline (a great thing that everyone should do) for 20 minutes is just as good for you as running (a terrible thing no one would ever do).

Another article, A Fitness Trend Men Should Try: Trampoline Workouts, suggests this: ‘Start in plank position with your forearms in the middle of the trampoline. From here, transition to your hands. Do a push up and return to your forearms for another plank.’

Hmmm. It is a good thing I am not a man, because my trampoline is too small to do a plank on.



Watch TV while Jumping on the Trampoline?


Yes, I am so glad you asked this. I can see the TV through the screen door while I jump on the trampoline.



Overall Score

I’m not sure how it happened but overall the trampoline scored 41.5/40. A very good score! It is lots of fun and good for you and you can see the TV, but it is also a bit shabby and was originally too far away from my house.

I would definitely recommend a free trampoline that you find on the side of the road. If ever in my life I see a second trampoline on the side of the road I will let you know about it, so that you can have one too.

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