And The Trauma Train Rolls On

As mentioned very recently by a traumatized OMGJeremy himself, the Sneer Family experienced trauma in the form of a traumatic medical emergency. Jeremy nearly died. From our outside perspective, we had no idea what was going on and relied on vague updates from his brother and lots and lots of speculation. Life sure is a hoot!

Luckily, Jeremy survived and continues to have experiences worthy of comic. And what better way is there to celebrate his still being around?

In this little number, we see that he continues to have degradation and personal horrors, and now is able to include medical professionals who are just trying to do their jobs. And I’d like to shout out to Kevin in his future form — a treat for us all. I had to include a disclaimer so that he wouldn’t spiral into a vanity attack today. At least, not because of this! Not because of me!

This is a big multi-panel comic called "and the trauma train rolls on, starring o m g Jeremy and his real chat words to Amandoll on January 21, 2023."

There are a lot of panels and a lot of words, so I will summarize and not keep you here all day. The setting is Jeremy telling Amanda that he walked up two flights of stairs for the first time since his aortic emergency, three months ago. The result is a dramatically sore and exhausted set of legs. They both discuss the inevitable future of having to install Jeremy (who now resembles Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in the body of our friend Kevin. In the TMNT cartoon, Krang was an evil brain looking monster that got around via a big muscular guy. Krang was inside the guy's belly for some reason.

After this chit chat, Jeremy decides to tell a story about his "abdomen hole," which is where they placed a stint. Jeremy tells a tale about how a home visiting nurse, on the very first day, asked Jeremy to see his scars, in order to monitor them. Jeremy shows his chest scar, and then, because he for some reason didn't know that the other scar was on his abdomen down low, he apparently pulled down his pants and underwear and pulled his legs over his head. He thought the scar would be near his ass hole. Anyway, that nurse was deeply upset by it but said nothing. Later, Jeremy found his abdomen hole and felt like a ridiculous person.

The comic ends with Amanda saying that his Ativan addiction made him too relaxed. And Jeremy says, "who knows what all I did." He looks very dejected and sad.
Obviously, click on the image if you need the full size of it. You’re welcome!

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