Baby, How Can It Be? A Review in Comic

Sometimes while listening to old, obscure music, you happen upon some fine gems. Just because a tune wasn’t on the Top 40 station within the past five years doesn’t mean it’s unlistenable, whippersnappers!

However, as with all journeys, one risks running into perils involving distasteful subjects, awkward moments, or even human emotions. On the day that I discovered Baby, How Can It Be? I was not expecting to also discover a piece of recording history that would change my mood. I had gone from cheerful to unsettled in the time that it took to simply read the track titles. My good friend, Billy Holiday, was there to comfort me in my hour of confusion and slight need.

Then I drew this comic of our conversation.

Of course, click it to make it the real size. And if you would like to purchase this album for yourself, you can do so at this place. It might just be worth it.

This comic is titled Music Makes Moods and stars Amandoll and Billy Holiday. 

Essentially, Amandoll finds a compilation of old music titled "Baby, How Can It Be?" The songs are quite risque. She expresses confusion at the title and the cover image, which is an old timey couple sitting together on a hammock  with other words in addition to the title which expand upon the premise: "Songs of Love and Lust and Contempt from the 1920s and 1930s."

Amandoll then goes on to say that it is volume 3 and the first song title is "I'm Gonna Kill Myself." Billy expresses shock.  Amandoll looks flustered and horrified as she shouts, "Track Four: You're gonna look like a monkey when you get old."

Amandoll gets philosophically lost looking as she asks plainly, "baby, how can it be?" And then restates it with an emphasis on "can." Billy asks if she is okay and she admits that she is unsure. She is beginning to question many things about life.

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  1. Oh, I so need about four more pages to this review. (I’d use an exclamation point but that key on my keyboard is broken. Wore it out I guess. )

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