Neko Atsume Update: Gotta Catch Em All

We previously wrote about Neko Atsume here. If you don’t know how to play at all, check out that first post first! If you are looking for NEW information, check out our more recent post about Neko Atsume’s English update here.

A lot of people end up checking out our old Neko Atsume post for specific information, so we decided to do a bit more of a how-to for a few things in the game. Are you looking for how to get that extra room, remodel, or all the treasures? Want to know what’s on the cat profiles? Just check out below. We’ve even included some extra tips and tricks for playing. [This is an older post, but you can read about the English update here.]

Neko Atsume Screenshot of two to four cats playing in a strange tube that has four entries.

How to Get the Second Room/Garden

We’re pretty sure the way to refer this expansion, extra room, second room, or patio in the game is garden. To get the garden, you just go to the store! All the way at the end of the store, there is something for 180 gold fish. This is the expansion! It’s a little pricey at first but if you play for about a week you should be fine.

When you get the garden, you’ll have two places to put food. Make sure both spots always have food! You’ll get spots for both large (L) and small (S) items.

Neko Atsume Screenshot showing the yard area. There are many kitties and many objects for them to be drawn to.

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is easy if you have an iPhone, according to my one rich friend. First, tap the bottom right button in the menu, the one that is four tiny boxes and some Japanese text. Then click the envelope. When you tap the top link, you should basically just be able to tap again, or whatever button looks like it probably means okay.

If you have an Android device, it’s annoying and complicated. Basically you need to be able to type the Japanese text you see on a different screen into the daily bonus section. So unless you both know Japanese and also have a Japanese keyboard, you need to bring a screenshot into Google Translate. Then highlight the daily word and copy/paste it into the right section in the Neko Atsume app.

Neko Atsume Screenshot

Here’s the thing, is it even worth it? You get some extra fish every day but not a huge amount. If you do it six times, you get an extra bonus. Note: you do not have to do this on consecutive days. That bonus is usually food! One you need gold fish to buy. But it’s maybe a lot of tedious boring steps. You’ll get gold fish as you play in any case!


The holy grail of Neko Atsume. When the cats visit you a bunch of times, they’ll leave a treasure! I don’t know if it’s necessarily random how many times the cat has to visit you before you receive it, but it can definitely differ. Just be patient, and you will be rewarded with anything from a disgusting bug to actual jewels.

When you open the game sometimes, the screen will go very dim and one of your cat friends will walk to the center of the screen. Tap your cat friend! He will give you your precious treasure. Collect them all!

Cat Profiles

Neko Atsume Screenshot of a kitty named "Haircut." This is its profile card. Many japanese words are everywhere, and so are numbers which correspond to the list below. The cat itself is slovenly and fat, a white cat which lay on its back, satisfied and full.
  1. whatever you name your cat!
  2. the picture you choose to display
  3. a physical trait or description of the cat
  4. personality
  5. attack strength (means nothing)
  6. number of times this cat has visited you
  7. top 3 favorite toys (based on what they have played with in your yard)
  8. photo album for this cat
  9. delicious treasure


Once you get the garden, you can redecorate! It costs 140 gold fish the first time and then 280 gold fish the other two times. They’re all adorable.

When you redecorate your cat area, keep in mind that all your toys will go back into your inventory, which also sends all your cats away. The spots where things go change for different themes so you’ll need to put everything out over again. The food, however, stays. Every theme comes with two large (L) spaces though, and two spaces for food.

Neko Atsume Screenshot of more of the garden. There are no kitties in this shot but there are toys and bowls and a koi pond and umbrella.

Tips and Tricks

  • To get the rare and special cats, make sure you have special food out (the food that costs gold fish)
  • Most of the special cats do visit when you leave out more expensive or gold fish items, but not all
  • When the white fatcat comes and sits by your food eating it all, leave him there! Don’t refill the bowl until he’s gone, he’ll leave you a lot of fish
  • When you’re collecting the fish that the cats have left you, the white button on the bottom is a “collect all” button
  • Google Translate App is great! You can take a screenshot of any part of the game, then import it to the app to translate

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