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Years and years overdue, a menu item up above has changed its content! Just in case you haven’t been checking it every single day, I thought I ought to let you know about it.

Illustration of Amandoll done in the style of Dr Katz cartoons. She is modeled after the Laura character.

Once upon a time, for an eternity, the page spoke of our RedBubble store, Sneer 1 Imports. We were proud of the greeting cards we slapped together inexpertly from random small images I had drawn not for that purpose. “Look at this ugly drawing of a cat Amandoll made in MS Paint,” Sneer 1 Imports boasted. “How about three other designs of the same thing that are barely different? Look how overwhelmingly they pattern! You like patterns, right!?”

Since those sad little baby steps, we have learned how best to design things (we claim), what to upload, and something about “resolution” of “images.” It turned out that people do not really like overwhelming tiny patterns, much to my sorrow.

Part of a screencap of the product page on Sneer 1 Imports for a tshirt dress with an ugly drawing of a clown frog holding a balloon, and it says Facts Are Facts on the drawing and it is in an offset repeating pattern. Not very pretty, I will admit.
Sorry you’re so afraid to be bold.

Also, now there are two whole other RedBubble stores to browse through! Sure, we only make the smallest of penny profits while they rake in money hand over fist off of our hard work, but that’s the name of the game until we get our own printing presses and factory.

The Buy Our Stuff page will be updated more often in the future. Not only are we planning to offer more goods and services, but also we are going to be doing other collaborations and side hustle style things. That little spot in the menu bar up there will keep you informed!

As of the posting of this post, the Buy Our Stuff information is incomplete. Both Tonyana and I have our own websites being crafted, and our book offerings will take off starting next year. It was merely a sudden whim that bubbled forth over the summer time days. Next year, we will budget the endeavor into our time and energy calendars.

A drawing of Dollissa and Amandoll. Dollissa is basically drawn to resemble Henry VIII and Amandoll is dressed in designer clothes in her colors and burning money. Written on the image are dollar signs and "delicious, obnoxious wealth"
Imagine us like this now, only featuring a lot of solid gold crowns on our heads.

Imagine how many other sudden whims we will have in the coming years! Imagine how many possibly-lucrative ideas we will choose to pursue! Imagine, or simply wait patiently while checking the Buy Our Stuff page at least once weekly. Because that is where you will be told all about it.

I like to make things physically. One of a kind paintings or sculptures — maybe they should go up for auction on a site built just for that. Puppets! Hobby horses! My interests! All of these things could be available some day, not just stickers and greeting cards. What if any of us learned to sew? Suddenly haughty couture could be real fashion selections. Imagine!

I suppose if you have any requests or suggestions and you don’t want to speak to us directly about it, get some comments going in this post. Go on. Don’t be shy.

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