Color-Me-In: Saint Secretariat

Saint Secretariat Day falls on March 30th of every year, however, one can derive inspiration from him at any time of year, at any moment of any day of any of our lives. We choose to look upon his life in awe today, in autumn. I guess it’s more like awe-tum at a time like this.

A drawing of a portion of a stained glass window showing Secretariat the famous chestnut race horse's face.

Secretariat is our patron saint of sublime athleticism, physical perfection, and having a winning spirit. He ran not because he was made to, not because he sought fame and celebrity status — but because he wanted to. And because he was lucky enough to have been born to a race horse farm that had the money to set him up for all the glory he deserved. Talent and luck! That’s the Secretariat Way.

We also enjoy celebrating our talent and our luck, and one day we hope to also come to symbolize that sort of lifestyle for anyone who cares to notice. In the meantime, all of us original disciples can busy ourselves with coloring what is actually an authorized plan for a stained glass window for our humble Sneer Chapel, eventually located in the backyard to probably house our inevitable hens. I will surely be making more of these coloring pages of the other saints, too. Collect them all!

Caution: I have never done stained glass before. I am not a trained craftsperson and have not apprenticed under a skilled stained glassicist. So, when I go to the Vatican to learn from the best, probably the tiny bits of colored glass will shatter in my hands, and I will have to update this blueprint one hundred times. However, no matter how many pieces shatter, I will get better and better until I emerge as the victor. Eventually, the only thing shattering will be records in the field of stained glass making. I will be the Secretariat of Stained Glassery!

An illustration of a stained glass window in the style of a Catholic Saint. This is of Secretariat, a chestnut race horse. He is wearing his blue and white checkered hood. In the designs around the borders, are the three types of flowers of the triple crown races (red rose, yellow black eyed susan, and white carnations).

Save the picture I colored by myself, above, or click this link here to print out a nice 8×10 picture, OR right click and save the png that’s transparent and color it in a coloring program! Did I make this too hard? Keep thundering to the finish line and you’ll get there, champ.

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