Eat The Rich

They say to write what you know, and we do that here at Sneer Campaign as best we can, as people who don’t know nothin’. However, less commonly heard as far as sayings go is to “create a new RedBubble store that sells what you believe.” I am informing you now that I have created a new RedBubble store in order to sell items bearing one of my core beliefs. I believe in eating the rich. I believe in consuming them whole and then distributing their wealth. I believe it every day and think about it frequently, incessantly.

Redbubble product image has been cropped to show a tote bag of uncolored canvas. In large plain black type that looks like an old typewriter, in all-caps, it says "Eat The Rich." Stylish.
Say it with snap! Get to the point.

The slogan of eating the rich is in no way a new one. A Frenchman passionately speaking out against the wealthy classes back in the 1700s allegedly proclaimed, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” As we all know, in the 1700s things did not go so well for the rich. It’s an inspirational story. I think about that frequently, too.

Every item you see in the Eat the Rich section of my store, I drew and uploaded in the past three days. I may have been motivated by the news that the intolerable Elon Musk has now surpassed the mysterious and sinister Jeff Bezos as wealthiest man in the whole world. Both of them are hoarding hundreds of billions of dollars, which I don’t even need Carl Sagan to explain to me is TOO MUCH MONEY. Meanwhile even the next few billionaires on the list of top wealthiest seem poor in comparison. Maybe us regular people can never eat them because our brittle, impoverished teeth would break on their exoskeletons which are made of precious metals. However, I am always hopeful that the rich will wind up eating each other into extinction. That would be beautiful.

This is a sample of one of the products I am shilling. A wealthy fat man from the turn of the last century is sitting amongst bags of money, cradling one, but hey! Under that top hat and monocle we see that his head is a pig head!!

The text reads: I only dine on swine. Eat the rich.

Why another store, though? Why did I not put up yet another category in Sneer 1 Imports? Well, mostly it is because that store has hundreds of designs already. We need to do yet ANOTHER overhaul where we have the sneeriest items there, and Amandoll items can stay, but Standard Amandard products can go over here, in mine. I’m starting up a personal brand, you could say, whether or not that’s really accurate. There is an instagram with nothing on it and a site that has even less than that. But these things will surely be used. I will grow to love them.

Redbubble product photo of an apron strewn across a tabletop. On the apron is an illustration of a fat rich business man with a money bag for a head. He stands casually, arrogantly, with his hands in his pockets. Beneath him, words implore you  to eat the rich.
Dozens of products! Multiple designs! Get the word out! Who can eat the most rich?

StandarAmandar will be continually added to, so be sure to “favorite” me and check back fairly often! It will be home to my many eat the rich ideas, as well as at least one other section consisting of those 1920s and 30s work incentive posters of old. I am faithfully recreating them in fine resolution because I simply cannot find reproductions of them anywhere! I need them to decorate Sneer Houses and generally can only find originals, for thousands of dollars. So I am seizing the day and providing a service that is sorely lacking, just as the work incentive posters themselves have encouraged me to do!

A combination of redbubble poster product images: two identical desks with posters above them. The poster on the left is blue with a yellow girl surrounded by worries. In large pink type it says "Don't Worry Till It Happens." At the bottom it says in yellow: "Everything is for the best." There is white text in between but it is too hard to see in this scaled down image.

The poster on the right is green with a man in a brown suit slamming his hand on a desk. In light yellow, it says "Say it with snap!" At the bottom, in black, it shouts "Get to the Point!" In between those two is smaller yellow text that is too hard to read in this scaled down image.
How our Sneer Offices will someday look!

Some day, I will absolutely convert them to Sneer Parody for article content as well as Sneer 1 products. So if you’d rather wait around for that, I sure wouldn’t blame you.


  1. Why should multimillionaires be forced to fork over any of their money to pay for things that do not benefit them? By what right do welfare recipients have a greater claim to the wealth that the rich have than the rich do? I have no problem helping people who truly need it, however, I am not interested in hearing sob stories from people who claim that their being on welfare magically entitles them to more free stuff.

  2. This article made me hungry. When I get a craving for rich people, nothing…and I mean nothing…else will do.

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