Retrovania Is Goin’ Places!

Today is sometimes-writer, OMGJeremy’s birthday. You may know him as a person from a different site called Retrovania. If not, you should. I was going to write an update on the last article we posted endorsing it, but as it turns out, I never actually wrote that article in the first place. So, you SHOULD know Retrovania, and if you don’t I guess it is all my fault. : (

A single panel of a comic where Cchris, dressed in his usual chemist's shirt and green rubber gloves, leans forward to ask Amandoll, "Do you still talk to O M G Jeremy." Amandoll, sitting at her computer while wearing her iconic multicolored striped sweatshirt says simply, "yes."
Happy Birthday, Jeremy.

So. What IS Retrovania? Well, it seems to be a podcast, I think? About old video games. And the playing of those old games. OMGJeremy, Billy, and Jeremy P have been sitting around and talking nostalgically about playing these old games for for like the past FIVE years. An episode is like an hour long! It boggles my mind. Here are some other factoids about this thing:

  1. At the time of this post, there have been 135 episodes
  2. There is a growing selection of patreon-only shows
  3. They have over 100k downloads, which is no small feat for a small show in a genre with an estimated six billion similar podcasts
  4. There are around 100 video reviews on Youtube
  5. They have healthy list of patrons who can request their own specific games for review along with getting an interview on the show

Patrons? Patreon? Podcast? Hey Jeremy P, you want to be part of Sneer Campaign too? I assume this is all your doing.

Anyway, in celebration of Jeremy on his birthday, I have made a comic where cchris and I yell at each other again. As a reminder, Jeremy went through a spell where he thought cchris is a complicated and frightening character that I have been pretending to be for the past nineteen years. JK he still thinks that! But I thought I ought to make a real chat comic mostly because I was afraid that it has been so long since the last one that maybe I have forgotten how.

Quality Judgment: still pending

This is an image of an eleven panel comic called "Retrovania Is Going Places!"

Essentially, cchris pesters amandoll to pester omgjeremy. Eventually after he compliments jeremys site a little snarkily, amandoll is like "compliment me instead" and he is like "Tell him, you vain vain woman!" And she is like Im busy ill do it later. That is the gist of it. There is yelling and drama.

Sneer Back

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