Eddie Murphy Has 8 Kids!

There are a lot of celebrities in the world. Thousands of them! And you can’t really always keep track of what they’re up to. Eddie Murphy is super-famous, right? He’s practically an icon: a symbol of a certain kind of popular comedy. But I had no idea that he had so many children. In today’s comic, this discovery takes AlexT and me on a journey of thought from horror to imaginative consideration to unrealistic demands to impatience. We must never forget that children are a burden and time is valuable.

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This is a chat comic called "Eddie Murphy Has Eight Kids, and it stars Alex T and Amandoll.  

Alex T and Amandoll think it's gross to have so many children. Then Alex T confesses that if he were a celebrity gadabout, he might have so many kids to keep life interesting. Amandoll says she guesses if she were a celebrity gadaboutress, she would hire surrogates.

There is then a scene where she shouts "have my eggs! have my babies! nannies, rear them for me, I will review their progress weekly!"

At this point, Alex T agrees and then says, "or maybe monthly. I ain't made of time."

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