Seinfeld: The TV Show: The Trivia Board Game

Do you like Seinfeld, trivia, and board games? Chances are pretty good that you do.

A photo of a square in the Seinfeld trivia game that says "what did you say? Be a low talker until your next turn." The square under it is a cup of soup.

Now that Seinfeld is on Hulu (yes, all of it), here I am, providing you with information about a much-needed Seinfeld accessory. What good is loving it, if you can’t prove it to your friends?

This isn’t just a trivia game, it’s a board game, meaning it is the best of both worlds in nerdery. The game boasts more than 500 trivia questions. The questions come in two forms: easy and hard. However, the difficulty differences are indistinguishable and whether you know the answer will be due to a combination of chance, having even seen that episode (if you’re not a super fan), and memory skills.

When you answer the questions, you receive a game piece corresponding to each character. This is a great touch, as the game pieces are cute, and the questions correspond to that character. For example, you visit Elaine by moving around the board. Once you get to her scene, you answer an Elaine-specific trivia question. If you get it right, you get a Big Salad token! If you get it wrong, you are stuck with Elaine until you appease her.

Photo of an Elaine-centric area of the board plus an Elaine token and an Elaine card with two questions on it.

The die is weird. The numbers range from 2 to 9 on the d6. The numbers appear to have been carefully considered to make the game balanced, and to ensure that you don’t just jump from success to success and win in 5 minutes. To win, you need all 6 tokens and the soup. The tokens are received from each board location: Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine, Everyone Else, and The Diner.

Photo of game tokens. They are little ovals except for the soup token, which is a very large soup picture by comparison.

The soup token can be won throughout the game by landing on a soup space. Landing exactly on one starts a Soup Race, which is basically random to see who finishes first. If you roll first, you have the best chance and whoever starts the race rolls first. Is it pointless? Almost, but it adds an extra dimension. It’s a little annoying that you have to move your characters to the Soup Race to do it, memorizing the spot you left.

Basically the game is excellent. The gameplay is excellent and fun and the trivia is great, and may even provoke some arguments for die-hard fans. I recommend watching Seinfeld while you play, even though it’s possible it will give an answer or two away. If you’re a Seinfeld expert playing with another, you should always choose the hardest question on the card, regardless of the difficulty designation. Similarly, if you know a lot and your friends don’t, go easy on them! You’ll win anyway.

I always do.

Photo of the game board with the Elaine, George, and Kramer tokens standing on the same starting square.


  • Easy to learn
  • Great Seinfeld trivia, not just basic things you’d know from pop culture awareness in general
  • The board and pieces are hilarious nods to the show (although the microphone for Jerry seems weird, for a game about the show I’d think maybe a watch or a cereal box)
  • The gameplay is pretty balanced if people are on the same level trivia-wise
  • The soup level is random


  • The difference between easy and hard questions either doesn’t exist or doesn’t make sense (which is a shame, because it would have been a great way for Seinfeld fans to play with their Regular friends)
  • The game pieces hardly stand up
  • The soup level is random!
A final photo of the board, in action.  The Elaine and George pieces are in separate areas and a trivia card is lying face up.

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  1. Hi! I bought this game off of eBay but the die came with no label stickers. Would you mind sending photos of the die so I can paint/replicate the original one?

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