Futility Street

In my perfect dream world, legendary children’s show Sesame Street would be populated by old time movie stars parodying themselves outlandishly. I think I would have learned better lessons, and learned them better, if it had been this way. Are children supposed to identify with or look up to a fuzzy green monster with a bad attitude? Well maybe they do, but a magically re-animated Greta Garbo would have gotten the job done with so much more melodramatic class.

If I ever get a wish-granting monkey paw, this will be the reality of children’s television programming.

As always, click to see it in the full size. (You can see the other example of Greta in imaginary kids television in our Yo Garbo Garbo post.)

This comic starts off with a little montage of what looks like children and animals and puppets playing while over the top of it it sing songs "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Futility Street"

The rest of the comic shows children at a trash can telling the monster within to wake up. It's Greta Garbage and she is here to talk about the letter L.

She is like "we see here the Letter L, like the word "Love"" -- the words are appearing next to her. She replaces the V in Love to with an S and says "Here, this is more like it. There is no such thing as Love. It is a series of people using each other until the interest of one or the other wanes, To love is to Lose,"

The E turns into another S, creating the word "Loss." "I have only known Loss and so it shall remain"

Then she sobs and says Leave Me. (the L in Leave is in bold.)

The last panel shows solemn children walking away while the Futility Street logo shows up saying brought to you by the letter L.

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