It’s Time for Yo Garbo Garbo!

Yo Gabba Gabba is a very good show for the very small child crowd, but it could be better. I am not at all suggesting that DJ Lance Rock is in any way deficient or lacking in wonderful personality. But imagine for a moment that a children’s show was designed to influence children to be haughty and urbane.

What if instead of being taught to eat nutritious snacks and share with each other, they were taught to mix cocktails and silently arch their brows just so to convey snide judgment? Beatboxing and breakdancing are great, but are they as useful to know as how to seduce with a glance from across the room or how to melodramatically sigh before taking a deep drag from a ridiculously long cigarette holder that is perched in an impeccably manicured hand?

Decide for yourself. I know you’ll come to the correct conclusion. As always, click to make it larger. (You can see another example of Greta in an imaginary children’s television show on our Futility Street post.)

This is a hand drawn on paper comic called It's Time for Yo Garbo Garbo. Basically, Greta Garbo smokes heavily and asks the cute cartoon characters to be quiet because, as she says it "Oh dahlinks, please do be quiet, your Auntie Greta has a terrible pain."
So the cartoon characters quirt down and then next they are arguing about who should be getting attention and one says "Miss Garbo what should we do?" She is in the far background looking out of the window and says "Oh who cares?"
At the end it says "soon" and the characters are dressed like in the glamour of old movies and one says "You're not listening to me!" dramatically while the other says "I vant to be alone." Then one is like "hey kid's it's martini time!" and shakes the shaker while they all chant go go go go and the last tiny panel is the children at home dressed like the old movie glamour drinking martinis and smoking in front of the TV. they are like three years old.

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