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I was a Girl Scout when I was younger. In some ways, I’ll always be one! In other ways, why isn’t everyone? I still have my old Girl Scout badges, though I wouldn’t wear that vest around (it wouldn’t fit, mostly). I also still have my old book of how to earn each badge and sign. In the book it explains that the badges are also called recognitions, so when someone sees your badge, they recognize your accomplishments. As the book says, “Badges… show that you have done something so often and so well that you can teach it to someone.”

This week is Girl Scout Week. It falls the week of March 12, the anniversary of when Juliette Gordon Low held her first troop meeting. In honor of that, I propose we earn some Scouting for Women badges.

What could be better than a cool badge to show that you’ve learned something interesting and useful? Oh yeah, doing that together as a group of awesome women. Okay so what I’m describing is a class. But who doesn’t love nostalgia?

Some of these things I definitely first learned in Girl Scouts anyway.

Girl Scout Badges and Signs

For the most part, the way you earn the badges, at least when I was younger and back when this book was published, you have some amount of choice. Each badge might offer options for 5-10 activities and direct you to choose a certain number. Some have required activities, required group projects, or activities that complement each other. Here are some ideas, without all the activity descriptions, I ain’t made of time. They’re arranged by the category they might fall in so you can focus on one or two as a group, hypothetically of course.



We all gotta eat!

Level 1: Everyday: Sear Meat, Roast Vegetables, Cook 2 Grains and 2 Beans, Prep a Salad
Level 2: Entertaining: Make Appetizers, Table Setting, Lasagna and Pastas, Desserts
Level 3: Gourmet: Baking, Cooking Sauce, Using Spices



Everyone I see and hear and also myself… we are all so bad with money.

Level 1: Your Money: Balancing Accounts, Making Budgets, Paying Bills
Level 2: A Few Dollars More: Paying Off Debt, Negotiating Salary
Level 3: Big Money: Investing, Starting a Business

Girl Scout Badges and Signs



Let’s kick these chores up a notch.

Level 1: Chores+: Sewing and Mending, Treating Stains, Recycling
Level 2: Fixin’ Up: Painting, Caulking, Reusing Materials
Level 3: Building: Finding Studs (hehehe says Amandoll), Hanging Shelves, Plumbing



Level 1: Your Backyard: Gardening, Composting
Level 2: Great Outdoors: Camping, Foraging
Level 3: Survival!

Girl Scout Badges and Signs


In Girl Scouts there are a lot of things to remember, most that involve doing good and kind things with and for other people. But my favorite is the shortest, the slogan: Do a good turn daily.

So let’s get started!

Girl Scout Badges and Signs

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