Harrison Ford: America’s Fabergé Egg

We would like to extend all the well-wishing in the world to Mr. Harrison Ford, an invaluable treasure of an actor who seems to live life teetering on the edge of accidental annihilation. He was recently in a plane crash. He is currently recovering. We hope he heals swiftly and is up and flying around again soon!

This is a drawing of Harrison Ford with a big gigantic head that resembles a Faberge Egg. His tiny body is teetering on the edge of a huge cube, awaiting certain destruction.

Thank you to Justin Pierce, maker of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, for the idea. You should read all of his comics, because they are excellent. You could also stand to read Wonderella’s Twitter feed.

Here are some important facts about Fabergé Eggs:

  • Most of the eggs contain “surprises” inside. Three of them include mechanisms with a singing, moving, mechanical bird. Two of those three also incorporate a clock. Who needs a grandfather clock when you can have a priceless artifact of the 1800s-era Imperial Russian Empire?
  • Many of them were made by the House of Fabergé as annual Easter gifts for Russian Czars to give to their wives and mothers. Aw. Each took basically the whole year to make. Because they were given to more than one person, for many years, two were made annually.
  • One egg, The Necessaire, was an etui and contained a 13-piece manicure set (this is one of the seven lost eggs). This one wins the award for most useful.
  • Some of the eggs contain little wind-up toys as the surprise inside! These include an elephant, a peacock, and one of two little men carrying Catherine the Great in a chair.
  • One of the eggs that was previously thought lost, The Third Imperial Egg, was found in 2014. A man, who had already tried to sell it for scrap, searched online for its description and discovered its worth. It is now in a private collection.
  • The missing eggs are thought to be gone forever, although there are rumors that two are safe and in a private collection somewhere, owned by someone who doesn’t want to come forward.

What surprise is in Harrison Ford? We’ll never tell.

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