We Love You Bingo Bronson

Broad City is a 100% perfect show, and how could you not love season 2’s breakout character, voiced by Paul Downs, who also plays Trey, Abbi’s manager? Was that sentence confusing? We mean Bingo Bronson of course.

A lot of things happen in this episode, Wisdom Teeth, and you should really just watch it. However, the most memorable part featured our new favorite character, Bingo.

When a drug-induced hallucination leads her out of her apartment and into Gowanus, Brooklyn, she ends up at Whole Foods with her walking, talking, rebellious stuffed doll. After egging Abbi on into spending all her money at Whole Foods, Bingo starts to “walk” away from her. As he does, Abbi chucks a glass jar of overly-priced manuka honey at him. Alas, he is but a stuffed animal, and Abbi pretty much assaulted a stranger by throwing glass near her.

This is an interpretation of the scene in Broad City where Bingo Bronson, a blue stuffed toy, is on the floor, next to a broken jar of manuka honey. Words on the image say, between asterisks: melodramatic music plays.

We love you Bingo Bronson.

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