Haunted House Ideas: Recurring Nightmares

So haunted houses are a thing and we all know that they are terrifying. We have seen videos of people crying their way through haunted halls or screaming while running out of the house. But I’ll tell you what’s really scary: recurring nightmares.

Recurring Nightmares of Dollissa by Amanda Wood


I have these nightmares often. They blend into each other, so I never know how much I dreamt one time vs another. They continue during later nightmares, they go back and do prequels. They are insidious and everlasting, presumably. They’re always a little different, but similar enough that they are definitely the same situation in usually the same place. It’s awful and I don’t want to interpret any of them. DON’T HELP ME INTERPRET THEM.


Confused at Summer Camp

I’m at camp, Buck’s Rock where I was a camper and junior counselor. I don’t know anyone, even though I’d been there before. I also don’t have anything with me, at all. No luggage, no fan, no money. I have to either wait in a miles long line of campers (really miles! zigzagging through a giant field) or I’m walking through camp looking for my room, very far. Neither of those things are very true at camp. It’s certainly not miles away for anything and even the longest lunch line only took a short while.

Whether I’m in line or finally make it to my bunk, everyone else has a lot more stuff than I do. Not only do they have a lot more luggage than I have in the dream, but they also each have more than I would have if I were fully prepared. Sometimes it’s more of a dormitory situation. Sometimes it’s a vacation house or a hotel. It’s always uncomfortable and weird, always embarrassing.

Classic childhood nightmare I guess? I think this can prove terrifying to anyone. Fill a haunted house with wooden bunk beds, giant dobsonflies, angry pretentious artists, and mean anorexic cokeheads. Sure to terrify any 16-year-old who has never been away from home or her beloved sister for very long.



Space Travel, Space Terror

These are harder to remember. I always have a vague sense of being in a space station or ship at first, before other parts of the dream come back. Am I blocking out terrible things? Probably, because I’m already afraid of space. I’m either in a room monitoring something on a large screen with other people (or even watching Star Trek!) or I’m going from room to room via halls or eerie tunnels. Really, it’s all spooky.

This haunted house would only work on the irrationally fearful (which seems to be pretty much everyone these days). Many people enjoy space and space-themed anything, so be careful who you invite. It takes a special kind of fear to pee your pants looking up at the sky.


Recurring Nightmares of Dollissa by Amanda Wood


Underwater Horror Ride

A lot goes on in these. There are always a lot of characters and a lot of different room, rides, locations, etc. in the park. There’s always a mountainous tall waterslide one, with a lot of decoration, trees, and animals even. Sometimes it’s a water park and sometimes it’s even just a mall. Whatever it is, there are a lot of shops or a flea market area. The nightmarish part is one ride, or sometimes just a mode of transportation like at the mall.

This is very hard to do. You will need a lot of equipment, time, money, and staff. What you’ll need is two buildings, a river or ocean, a waterproof spherical ship that is completely see-through and can hold about 10 people, and a lot of bravery. Basically, you are going to plummet underwater with full view, not really knowing for sure if you’ll ever come back up. Happy riding!


Oh No I Have to Drive

This one is both self-explanatory and easy to do. Instead of a house you’ll need a car. You’ll also need a lot of space, maybe an empty winding road. This won’t be a haunted house, but it sure will be hell.

Just toss someone who can’t drive into the back seat of a running car. That’s right! The back seat. And then tell them there’s an emergency, and them figuring out how to get to an unnamed location with no driving experience is your only hope. Watch those turns! This is sure to be a harrowing experience for any person who takes this ride. Happy Harroween!

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