Her Name Is Puffin

Our cats are tricksters, escape artists, bold, too smart or too stupid. This is not to say that our cats are different than other cats. They are all pretty much the same. They are less like pets and more like shiftless roommates, forever late on the rent and refusing to clean up after themselves. We provide illustrated guides to them, once monthly.

This comic is called "Her name Is Puffin, an illustrated guide to the cats of sneer campaign."

There are three smaller panels along the top.
Panel 1 - "There is a new kitty." And we see a little calico cat that has purr lines coming from her.
Panel 2 is just words: "She is very small and friendly and sweet and precious and doll-like and also perfect."
Panel 3: This is just a drawing of her standing with her left forepaw raised. Purrs are everywhere.

The last larger panel at the bottom has her next to a Puffin, the bird. She is purring and happy, the bird is also happy. The words say "Her nicknames are similar things like Puff Luff and Puffinstuff and Puff Ghost...
But she's officially a Puffin because she's cute and also the same color and size and noise as the lovely Atlantic Sea Bird."
Beneath Puffin and the puffin are stats for puffins: Length: 10.2-11.4 inches. Weight: 10.9 to 19.4 ounces. Wingspan: 20.9 inches.

The previous one was about Tuff Ghost. And the one that came next is about Haircut.
And here is all of the Puffin Content.

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