Horses, Afraid


Once again in an effort to appeal to the widest audience possible, we have decided to present you with an old set of comics filled with puns about horses. Since we no longer have access to such professional items as “a scanner,” this was fastidiously photographed by phone camera and poorly slapped together as quickly as possible, because we are actually still busy but a hiatus has gotta end SOME time!

As you gaze upon this image, which you WILL need to click in order to read, just imagine that it is exactly as creepy and unwieldy as any of those old silent horror movies that we are all so fond of. Supply your own, more advanced puns and wisecracks, after all, I made this many years ago — before I constantly made mention of Secretariat! — when I was not at the peak that I swear I am at now, or at least, nearer to the eventual peak that I will be. Ooh, mention of Time! Death! Ghostly apparitions! Halloween!!

Click and be merry.


And don’t forget to check on the elderly in your life and neighborhood regularly so that they do not turn out to have an existence like that of Poor Old Lady Whickerknacker. What’s in it for you is a sense of satisfaction of being a good person, and possibly a candied apple of some sort around the holiday times.

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