How to Curb Compulsive Spending

Do you spend a lot of money in stores and online? Do you just buy whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of price or savings that you have? Are you a window- and also store-shopper? Do you sometimes wonder why anyone allowed you to have a credit card in the first place?

Well I’m no expert, in anything, but I have some advice, as usual.

Expert Moneybags

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to spending less in no time.



It’s important to budget your income and spending. If you don’t, chances are you don’t actually have a great idea of how much money you’re spending. You should calculate how much you spend on necessary things such as groceries, rent, utilities, doctor visits, and illegal drugs. Then, give yourself a small allowance for things such as ordering food in, going out to eat, and other things you can justify to yourself.


Move Your Money Into Different Accounts

If just deciding that you shouldn’t spend money on silly things doesn’t work, you gotta hide your money from yourself. Every time you save a bit, move it into a savings account. Don’t attach a debit card to this account. Trap it there. Safe from your greedy little hands.


 Get Your Friend to Talk You Down/Hold You Accountable

So the hiding isn’t working. You’re terrible! Here’s where you should have a Budget Buddy. Let your friend know whenever you want to buy something unnecessary, go shopping, or go out to party or something. If your friend loves you and also fiscal responsibility, they will try their best to talk you out of this. How they do it depends on your friendship style, so work out whatever suits you both.

If they can’t stop you, let them know of the shopping shame you have committed once you’ve done it. They can scold and belittle you in hopes of deterring you in the future.


Set Text Alerts on Your Accounts

What’s better than a friend scolding you? An objective computerized reminder scolding you. Set up your bank account or credit card so that whenever you go over your budget, it alerts you via text or email of your disappointing behavior. This is ideal if you’re allowed to program your own message, such as, “You’re horrible at this. Stop buying things.”


Tie Your Shoelaces Together and Lock Yourself Out of Your Laptop

Life is not quite like a sitcom, but shouldn’t it be? If you just can’t stop spending, and nothing that you try seems to help, maybe just don’t go out. Don’t go into a store! It will make it impossible to spend money in a store.


Hide Your Credit Card

Yes, yes, I know the internet exists. It’s a great place to shop, too! Is that where you shop? Well it’s time to STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Put your credit card somewhere really, really stupid. Don’t go get it for a bit. Try to never think about it. It’s gone! Don’t spend any money online. Pro-tip: If you think you’ll never forget where you hid it, try to freeze it into a big block of ice.

Hide Your Moneys


Good luck!

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