I Love You Like Leola Root, Neelix

Dear Neelix,

You are a Talaxian with many hats. When you first joined the Voyager crew, they saw you as a salesman, a foreigner, a big ol’ weirdo. I did too! I thought, “why would this even be here, he is ridiculous.” But you aren’t! You’re the most underrated crew member, the most versatile (according to Chakotay), and the most adorable (well, except for Naomi Wildman, sorry). Not that people don’t love you, but that maybe they don’t exactly realize how important and wonderful you are. You have skills for any time or place, love for everyone, and the best outfits.


Neelix by Amanda Wood


First of all, can we share clothes? The first moment I adored you is when I realized that the Voyager crew provided you with the opportunity to use the replicator for some new outfits. The very first thing that you chose to wear knocked me back. Really, a pastel suit? Those patterns. Those colors. That fit. I was in love. I know I said the same thing about Harry Solomon, but I mean it.

As the self-appointed Morale Officer of the ship, you go above and beyond the call of duty. No matter who needs you or why, you’re there. Even if their opinion of you would change from your help, you do the right thing. Even when they already don’t like you much (*ahem* Mr. Vulcan), you do everything that you can to help. The only concern to you is everyone’s happiness and wellbeing, because they’re your family. Whether facing danger, pain, or embarrassment, you never fail to bring your optimism and simple happiness to any situation.

You also respond to most things by cooking. Not only are you usually experimenting with new and wacky foods, but you also surprise the crew by making your closest approximations of their favorite meals from home or their cultural holidays. You even get the whole ship celebrating some! Though that’s easy on a ship led by the ever-smiling Captain Janeway.

I would try anything you cooked. Yes, even all the leola root stuff. Neelix you’re obsessed, but I love it.

I guess what I’m saying is that you are pretty much me but on a spaceship and bumpier. You’re always cheering people up and trying to keep them together (in proximity and also mentally). I’d definitely have started a newsletter, although your tv station was probably more fun for the crew. (Does paper exist in the future?) Having a little garden to feed everyone sure sounds like a dream come true, as well as trying my best to recreate their beloved native and holiday meals. I am more used to baking, though.

And I sure do love me.

Love and leola root,


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