Introducing the Huppo

Around here at the Sneer Campaign Headquarters, we have always been saying “hup!” whenever we get up to seize the day, whether it be empire-building or coffee-getting. “Hup!” as we move to spring, or stagger, out of bed. “Hup!” as we peel ourselves from a couch. “Hup!” as we slowly arise from lying face down on the floor.

an illustration of Amandoll looking deflated, crawling along the floor on her belly, reaching for a cup of coffee. She is weakly saying "hup."

Over time, that encouraging sound became a verb. This happens a lot because the English language is a joy. “Okay, I’m going to hup,” we say to each other before listing our near-plans to accomplish, in order to hold ourselves accountable. Most often, we say this in an internet chat window because that is how we do most of our interactions even though we live in the same physical location. Also, this is an easy way to do a To Do List that doesn’t waste a scrap of paper. Anyway, hupping is a way of life and if I’m being honest, our #1 form of activity.

Somewhat recently, after Jamie moved in, a new form of hupping made itself known to us. Jamie has drive and energy. These are intriguing ways to live a life to us established Sneerists. One day, after the rest of us woke up, we learned that he had already completed like five house tasks, building shelves or rearranging furniture or baking cookies or all of the above. I believe it was Dollissa who coined the phrase, “Looks like he was visited by the huppo.” It was a sensation. It was a smash hit.

A slightly larger illustration of a hippo holding a cup of coffee, wearing a backwards yellow ball cap and wearing vividly patterned early 90s or late 80s era yellow jam shorts. It has pink fairy wings. The words in the picture say "wake up wake up it's time to hup."

I like to imagine the Huppo as being a full sized yet cartoon hippopotamus that has wings, like the tooth fairy. But also, the Huppo can shrink to adorable sizes so that it can sit on our chests and crush us with guilt when we haven’t yet hupped. Or, you know, stay real-hippo sized if we are being especially lazy in the face of needing-to-do.

I also choose to imagine that the Huppo is eXtReMe in the early 1990s sense. Wacky prints, neon colors, xtreme sport hobbies. The Huppo tells us that we are real rad dudes and dudettes for making even gentle half-efforts. “Hang Ten and Rip Them Hups!” the Huppo might tell us from a motivational wall poster.

A very simple cartoon of a happy hippo head with a yellow and purple backwards baseball cap. Around its head, the words say "shred the hup wave to the max" in very dated 1990s extreme with just an x talk.

The Huppo is busy though. It can only visit us one at a time, really, unless we are all being inspired in groups of two or more. While the rest of us laze like slugs, one of us will “have the huppo.” While the rest of us watch on jealously, and in wonder, that person makes the breakfast or cleans the garage suddenly. But we all know that we each have our day with the Huppo. Some day soon it will be our turn to clear out a closet and put it to better use, call in necessary appointments, or take a long, long stroll.

It’s safe to say that the Huppo is our friend and laid back companion, despite the excess energy it contains. The Huppo is here to stay, and we are happy for it.

Next time, I will tell you about our other frequent visitor: Huppo’s arch nemesis, the Rhinothx.

An illustration of a pouty looking cartoon rhinoceros, sitting on its bottom with its arms crossed. It says, "hmph. No thanks, you."

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