The season of Springtime definitely began on March 20th, but it isn’t until early mid-April that we see the clouds of flowers, the threat of thunderstorms, and the howling yellow winds of pollen aimed right at our sinus cavities — at least that’s how it is here, in our little Paradise burg. Spring is our favorite time of year, when we emerge from our S.A.D. like precious woodland creatures that were hibernating in sorrow dens of our own burrowing. We speak of gardens, visiting guests, and future parties again. We smile in ways that aren’t wan or forced. We are glad.

This is an up close crop of the illustration later. So it shows Amandoll and Dollissa in 1920s attire standing in front of tree blossoms.

We are solar powered beings here on the Sneer Campaign, and even though it is forecast to be chilly and grey for the next two weeks, which will set us back (assuming they are correct) (we don’t assume they are correct), we at least can feel the Change. We see the relentless dandelions and the busy work of bees boring into the wood siding of House 2. We experience the extreme heat of the Vernal Sun and unwanted chill of being in a shaded area for even one second. Trees are dressing up in their fanciest blossoms and leaves — and so are we. Or we will whenever we venture out, which we will do because our little dough arms are getting poked by vaccine needles and not by mosquitoes — YET!

In the spirit of spring, we have decided to crank out a five day week of sneers, like we used to do when we were young and vital, two or three years ago. Future readers, this will mean nothing to you of course, but please respect the readers of our present day. Try to imagine how excited they are to read this, knowing that they were rewarded with a slight increase in quality entertainment from us starting with this overindulgent self portrait right here!

An illustration in the style of a 1920s magazine cover for a magazine called Para Todos. It depicts Amandoll and Dollissa standing together, in their different size scales (Dollissa is very small) standing in front of a billowing cherry tree? Some sort of tree in heavy bloom. Amandoll is holding a martini glass and Dollissa is holding her red spectacles. They look 1920s fashionable.

Sneer Back

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