Kevin Is Sad Inside

oh no oh no

Sometimes I read horoscopes to see what’s in store for my future. I’d like to think that they are never wrong and that there is nothing more certain than the placement of planets in the sky to somehow dictate our lives. Well, I’d like to think that until they turn out to be bad, which is often because astrologers know that we must have our drama. Hey, speaking of drama, get a load of Kevin’s totally outrageous overreaction to me in this comic! I don’t know what his deal is but SHEESH. Calm down.

I understand the Chinese zodiac even less than I understand Western Astrology (because I haven’t written an article about it yet, obviously), so I was not sure how accurate they are. But I guess looking back, I am still a jerk and Kevin is still lonely all the time so it gets an A+ 99% accuracy grade and we can all depend on it and tarotscopes from here on out.

Go ahead and click on the image in order to view it in a larger form. You know how it works.

boo hoo hoo

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