Let’s Talk About Vogue-Cabulary Words

We here on the sneer campaign love and deeply cherish the noble act of edutainment, which is of course the method of tricking suckers into learning something. Entercation, on the other hand — we have no use for it. Leave your desire for that mess at home. Certainly don’t come to us to have that gross itch scratched, we won’t do it.

We enjoy edutainment so much that it is one of the categories of content that we originally made here when we were setting up the site. We made six categories and never thought about it again. Some day we will reorganize that section of content labeling, but Edutainment will always remain. We like to learn about things, and we like to teach about what we have learned! And just like real school teachers, we are underappreciated and afraid of most of you! Living the dream.

I conceived of the Voguecabulary series at the beginning of our time here. One word a month for us to learn and use. Seemed easy enough! Then I thought it would be nice to draw portraits of our favorite silver screen stars along with them! And then, hey lets find quotes those actors and actresses said in movies — many of which I have never even SEEN! — that demonstrate the mood of the word being defined. Anyway that was a very complicated and difficult process because I like complicated and difficult things, apparently.

I also like sets. Throughout my life, I have brainstormed all the different chess sets I would make, the themes of nativity sets (my favorite one was a nativity scene made of chickens where Jesus was an egg), tarot decks, calendar years, and so on. Lists and lists of little things to make, that I rarely finish. But looming large and in charge in those lists is my desire to make alphabet books!

The first voguecab, as stated, was all old stars and quotes and words that seemed good to be associated with this site. And it took over two years to complete! They all will. This second set is all Interwar Period slang because of it being the New Twenties and apparently I have never been more excited for a time before. This series has been easier, but using real art deco patterns and illustrations and color palettes can get fairly tedious, if I’m being honest. And I am being honest. I’m so glad I am only doing one per month!

Obviously I will continue to make Voguecabulary words for as long as the site continues to exist. Imagine all the things I could cover! What could possibly be next?

  • Carousel Horse Heads demonstrating Fear Terms
  • Depressing Words and Clowns
  • Mood Words with Puppets
  • Our Favorite Things Showing Our Favorite Words
  • Art Nouveau Lovecraft featuring the Outlandish Words that he overused
I made this when I already forgot that I said I’d use “fear words.”

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