Make Pocket Change Faster Than A Swear Jar

Although we know that swear jars work by magic and that you just earn money by cursing, we have some better ideas to make tiny amounts of money at a time with too much work. After all, “take care of your pennies and the dollars look after themselves,” a wise man told the world. What does it mean exactly? It means that if you earn cents, they turn into dollars, but you don’t have to think about it. I think. It’s the goal anyway.

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Dust off the entrepreneurial side of your brain and get ready to fill your wallet with enough to take your whole commune out for Taco Bell.


Run Your Own Library

We have over 1100 books at Sneer HQ. We put them away into shelves, built four extra shelves, organized and sorted them, sorted them again, and now we’re all set. Many of them are classic literature, which is important and great, while many are comics, which are great. We even have a lot of reference books, literature textbooks, and puppetmaking guides. These books are desirable, my friends. And so, we will lend them out to… my friends.

Wait, we’re supposed to be making money. Oh right, if you’re like me, none of your friends have ever done anything on time in the history of your life on this earth. Rake in those petty, puny late fees.


Sell a Craft

Make something adorable! Make teddy bears or boo-boo bunnies like when I was a kid. You can paint flower pots, sew sock monsters, or knit scarves. Borrow a book from us and make puppets to sell to puppet enthusiasts! Anything!

When it’s time to sell, you can set up an online store with something like, you can sell it at your local overcrowded flea market, or you can find a cutesy consignment shoppe nearby that is willing to hawk your wares on your behalf for a sizable percent.

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Lemonade Stand

This header isn’t exactly literal. You probably shouldn’t start a lemonade stand on your lawn if you’re over the age of 10. In the spirit of that though, tidy up your flowers and rake those leaves and get ready for something small and sweet. You have two main options.

One is to sell produce that you grow, in an adorable effort to help share the health and wealth in your soil with your neighbors. Chances are that you already have some nearby farmer’s markets, so you can’t charge more than 50 cents for anything if you want to be competitive.

Your other option is to have a garage sale.


Teach a Class

Many communities have places where you can teach your friends and neighbors a craft or other specialty that you can share. Are you good at cooking? Can you sew? You can teach people basically anything, especially if it’s something that is popular lately. Try running a class for making vision boards, or one for starting a website, any talent or skill that you have.

Actually, nevermind. You don’t even have to already know something worthwhile, just learn it first and then teach it. You can learn how to do something online or in a similar class for free or or very little but while spending a lot of your own time. Then, after spending more of your time figuring out how, where, and when you can do this, you can share your newfound knowledge for a few dirty paper bills.


Start a Store on Redbubble

Can you draw? It doesn’t matter. Can you take pictures? Of course! Can you upload a high resolution image onto a site after creating a free account? Yes because it is simple to do. And once you do these things, you can select products that will be sold on your behalf. All negotiating terms with manufacturers, customer support, and shipping & handling will be dealt with for you. You might want to do some self-promotion, or you can rely on people conducting their own searches and liking what they see enough to buy it.

The most important part is that Redbubble does all of this extra work for you, absorbs the cost of materials and hires a full staff that takes care of things, and makes this a lucrative enterprise by keeping the lion’s share of the profits. What’s it to you, though? You barely have to do anything, and meanwhile you are sent penny profits by the month. Cash in those profits. Roll on those pennies. The easiest money you can ever make.

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