Meet the Old Hollywood Golden Rage Roller Derby Girls

We are proud to introduce Sneer Campaign’s roller derby team, established on this date in 2018. That’s right! Right now! Today! The writers and contributors of this site are far too delicate and uncoordinated to rollerskate in a straight line, let alone around some sort of track, following rules to a game we have never read about or watched. But we do love making puns out of names and drawing pictures, and not checking the registries to see how many of these names are actually taken by real roller derby girls (don’t beat us up!) And hey, maybe we will go to a game, because we just accidentally learned that their sports season starts next week. Destiny.

In the meantime, with an emphasis on MEAN, please enjoy our all-star line up of the BIGGEST stars, who aren’t even back from the grave because legends never die.

get em

Maybe after we learn anything at all about this sport, we can explain this roster better or even at all. But this is a good start.

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