Stuffed Animals in Dreamland

Whether you clench one in your hand all night while you sleep or one sits faithfully atop your covers at the foot of your bed, we understand needing someone comforting to watch over you all night. Made of fabric, stuffing, thread, and more, these friends were made to get us through our nights as much as any YouTube playlist about faery music ever was.

We have many stuffos here at Sneer Campaign, as you’ve likely seen in our posts, especially of Teddy and most recently Daryl. They keep us happy, guard our beds, hang out with us and the cats, and remain our loyal friends. Roll call!



This leader of the pack, featured on the Amandoll paper doll drawn lovingly by myself, is Amandoll’s oldest fuzzy friend. For 34 years they have been through thick and thin, dreams and nightmares, and have lived in numerous states and cities. Scroungey the pooch is a faithful companion of the highest order, keeping Amandoll’s room safe, comfortable, and ready for snuggling. Just don’t be too rough on him, he’s hardly fuzzy anymore. Scroungey is the oldest stuffo in our menagerie and he shows it with his patient wisdom.

do not touch

Teddy & Moosenose

We’ve talked about Teddy before and one of his pals is this panda bear stuffo called Moosenose. They are friends til the end with each other and myself, and have been hanging out in Melissa’s Bedspace for over 30 years. Moosenose has had a hard life, involving the loss of a friend and being covered in makeup by child Dollissa. They are basically best friends with each other, but Moosenose gets a bit less love, as he’s hard to grab onto with a tiny hand in your sleep.


Three Alfs

Alves? In any case, we have three of these pals. They function as both hand puppets and as faithful friends, there to put a smile on my face or to lure me into a deep, restful sleep, unconscious to any weird things they might be doing around the apartment. The good news is that they haven’t eaten any of the cats yet, I think.

alf 1

Giant Octo

A stalwart guardian of Amandoll’s room and sleeping area, this giant octopus stands guard over all creatures great and small, alive and plush, in the vicinity of Amandoll’s side of HQ. Leave it to her to be at ease within the presence of such a large, unnerving friend around. Captain and Zesta might pretend that they run things down there, but to really find out who has their hands in every decision, look for more hands.


Douglas Flubbums & Friends

Seen at the start of the article, Douglas is a whale shark and his friends are Cassandra Cuddlekin the giant anteater and Horatio Snuzzums, an artistic armadillo — all friends brought to Amandoll by AlexT. Added to the mix are the newest friends, a vampire bat named Orwell (from me!) and a really fantastic unicorn named Louisa from our friend Manny. They all hang out together on the headboard of her smart tv bed that we bought from the TV Bed Store.

Honorable Achievement: Haircut

You can carry her wherever you want, throw her in a bag for a trip, or wrap her around your neck for warmth. All things that I have done with stuffed animals although there might be better alternatives to that, like Haircut.


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