Natural Tendencies: Starring Doofus and Darling

Welcome back to our monthly comic series, Doofus and Darling. If you had Highlights for Children magazine when you were young, you’ve seen Goofus and Gallant. If not, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

A two panel comic called Doofus and Darling.

First panel shows Doofus camping out, walking along quite happily with fishing gear and twigs and leaves in her hair.
Caption: "Doofus enjoys camping, fishing, sitting around a campfire at night."
Next panel shows Darling sitting on a rock or stump surrounded by weeds and flowers and the gigantic sun. She has on a hat and her socks are pulled up to her knees, over her pant legs. She looks forlorn. Things are labeled around her. Ticks. Pollen. Mosquitoes. UV Rays.
the Caption says: "Darling hardly tolerates being outdoors at all."

Before this one, we were also talking about the outdoors but after this is the aftermath.

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