Melissa in Luv: a Tapestry of Annoyances

Today is Dollissa’s birthday! Thirty-three years young and how many adventures has she had? How many surreal encounters? How many boy situations? Shut your mouth, a lady never tells!

Way back when, technically before we lived in this house together, before she was called “Dollissa”… Okay I accidentally called her Melissa in the title of this comic and didn’t realize it until I already uploaded it onto the site. Entire post ruined. Happy birthday, Dollissa, I’M FLAWED. Anyway, possibly as far back as 2010, she was dating a guy who was apparently somewhat needy and iNtEnSe!

I can’t remember how long it lasted, and neither can she, but her stress over the matter has now been made into a comic, and it will be on display for all eternity.

Stay tuned for the inevitable comic book about her journeys through true love and precious dalliances called “Melissa’s Tales of Dolts & Donks, Part 1.” In the meantime, just click on this image below in order to feel the cling, the need, the sweet sentiment.

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