New Heights in Ambient Snobbery

I have spoken of my enjoyment of and experimentation with sleeping to the ambient sounds of certain things offered on Youtube. One day, I again found myself perusing the vast and baffling selection on there and I shared this particular finding with my longtime friend, Kevin. He and I had not discussed this interest of mine before, and I was delighted and then dismayed to find that he, too, has opinions about this genre of sound. He came at me with some pretension, sweet readers! Sure, that overwrought description wasn’t his own wording, but he DID quote it at me, and he even put in a “[sic]” note. Also the fact that he immediately thought of this track… are these tracks? No. I guess they are audio experiences. He probably had a dozen other youtube sounds that he also thought of, but this is the one we get.

And as an added bonus, you get to be exposed to two wonderful new sleepy videos! Truly, we are all #blessed.

Kay Flay

Here is his preferred masterpiece. I hope they come out with a descending Shepard tone remix of it soon!! Enjoy.

Sneer Back

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