No Time Like The Presents: Starring Doofus and Darling

Welcome back to our monthly comic series, Doofus and Darling. If you had Highlights for Children magazine when you were young, you’ve seen Goofus and Gallant. If not, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

A two panel comic called Doofus and Darling. On the left, we see Doofus, a girl with a curly hair ponytail, standing in front of a mound of things. Some are wrapped gifts, and the others are unwrapped. She is holding a tag that says "mom." On the floor, there are tags that say "Jamo," "Dad," and "Manny." The caption at the bottom says "Doofus stockpiles gifts for months and matches them to recipients later."

On the right, that panel is of Darling, a girl with asymmetrical hair and a striped shirt. She is looking a little cross, marking on a long strip of paper, a list, that says "Hurry!" at the top. On the wall is a list that says "Fam," a list that says "friends," and a calendar with a few days heavily circled. On the floor are two wrapped gifts. The caption says, "Darling makes many lists of recipients and over months tries to obtain their gifts."

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