Ol’ Boozy Holiday

watch out

It seems like everyone goes through a phase of life where they hit that bottle hard, and Billy Holiday is no exception to this. He has some exceptional moments, however. Some peculiarities. For instance, he prefers to become inebriated by way of classic hobo wines. He’s a “Strawberry” Cisco man, for any of you keeping track. He also gets sloshed on what I feel are strange choices, such as brandy and “appletinis.” Who are you, Billy Holiday?

Much like Kieron, though — no. Much like every single person I know, Billy gets so UPPITY, my goodness! I am always, always minding my own business, like the good person that I am, and I become confronted with these messes. I thought he was going to fight me on this day, and I still don’t know why. It couldn’t have been my gently snide attitude. He even went after omgjeremy’s choices immediately and from out of nowhere.

Click it if you want to. It probably becomes bigger that way. Check and see, I guess.

here comes trouble

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