PizzaX, Food Delivery of the Near Future

Are you ready for invasive social media-focused 2019-style food delivery? Welcome to the future we dream of, where you order yourself a delicious meal to eat, and then watch it get made and transported to you, via different apps and channels.

PizzaX is ready to deliver you a one of a kind experience, the moment you head into our app to place your order.

First, open up your PizzaX app from your favorite device (mobile phone, smart watch, Amazon Echo, etc.). You can either shout your order to us, do it the old-fashioned way by adding items to a cart, or video chat with our ordering team. Our Patented Live Order Technology will connect you with your local pizza joint and respective cashier. Not only will they lead you through the menu, but they’ll send you links to the social media presences of our distributors.

Doesn’t that tomato sauce look good? Our tomatoes are fresh from Holmstead Farms, 3.5 miles from you! You can see their Instagram here or follow them on Facebook.


From your app, you’ll find links to Facebook, and other social platforms. The Facebook link allows you to post the Pizza Tracker 3000 on your profile, which shows what you ordered and when, who is making it live, and an updated slideshow of the pizza and ingredients.

“This is Romeo, he’s starting up Melissa’s pizza right now!” and he’s giving a thumbs up holding some mushrooms in a gloved hand.

If you’re ordering for a party, you can invite PizzaX to your Facebook event to keep your guests updated along with you. You’ll all be on your phones anyway!


When you submit your order, you can choose a hashtag to use for your updates, or have a random one chosen for your order. Here you’ll see a livetweeting of the making of your delicious pizza and sides. Hopefully your chef is one of the funny PizzaX Twitter personalities!


Remember that hashtag! People love hashtags! We’ll use it again for photos of your order in progress. We’ll tag you on the post of the finished product, cheesy and arranged just perfectly for social.

You can watch your order get into a car here and you can meet your driver!


Time for your delivery driver to grab the social media baton. Branded filters, personalized stickers with your bitmoji, and some quick recordings of your driver approaching is what you can expect while you wait for your finished order to arrive. Don’t worry, they won’t record while driving!

When they arrive at the destination, prepare for a candid Snapchat story of you receiving your order.

Also, a drone flies by while you’re getting the pizza delivered, and it posts a photo of that on Instagram. This is PizzaX after all, and X is always for X-treme. This one is cool because it has drone in the sentence. We don’t know what apps the kids these days use, but we’re a pizza company, what can we say? We still use Facebook.

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