Presenting Tonyana: Celebrated Sneero of the Year 2020

Thank you, everybody. Please be seated. Good afternoon, everyone. And on behalf of Dollissa and myself, welcome to the Sneer Campaign.

It’s been said that “where there is a brave person, in the thickest of the hiatus, there is one piece of content of honor at least once per month.” Today, we pay tribute to a professional tarot reader who placed herself in the thick of the hiatus — again and again and again. In so doing, she has earned our site’s highest friendship decoration, the Sneero Award of 2020. We are extraordinarily proud of Tonyana.

A coy woman's face. She is smiling with side eye. She is wearing an olive green head scarf that has golden bangles hanging across the forehead. Her hair is dark and unruly. The background is slightly oranger than salmon pink. There is white text that says "Sneero 2020"

Maybe first, I should explain the Sneer Campaign to some extent. There were many factors that brought us together and motivated us to write. For me, it was my love of attention and dedication to entertaining in mild and meager forms. Dollissa and the other writers such as Erica and Saxon and Daniel Haun have their reasons too, including a desire to entertain and a compulsion to simply write for an audience. However it is our readers that compel us all to write with everything we have. Usually.

That is, until the events of early 2020 conspired to depress us to our fullest extents and we began to believe that nothing could ever be amusing again. That is, all of us except Tonyana.

She is a lady who placed herself between us and the shame of a completely inactive site — protecting and defending the precious readers from a months-long boredom. She bravely threw in her Tarotscopes regularly and with great determination, delivering updates so that we might not be totally forgotten to all.

You must ask yourself, “How did Tonyana do it?” Or, “What compelled her to take these actions?” Again we return to her dedication to Sneer Campaign. We are a good friends whose bonds were forged in the fires of snark and banter. Also, she has a dedication to her clients and to the opportunity to gain new clients via any traffic the Sneer Campaign gets.

Art Nouveau illustration of a coy woman with long dark hair and late 1800s era clothing suggesting that she is a fortune teller: olive green headscarf with bangles on it, a red vest, olive green shirt and a hip scarf of sky blue. In her hands is a glowing orb with electricity coming off of it.

The background is of the zodiac signs as circles, in a circular pattern. Everything is colored in salmon pink, cornflower blue, harvest yellow, cranberry red, and late summer leaves.
Tonyana seen here as the subject of a portrait, drawn by yours truly.

We have seen so much valor displayed by Tonyana that we could not even begin to scratch the surface in the post I am making today. Rather, we will spend a lifetime telling her stories to celebrate her heroic deeds.

Tonyana. Because of your Honor, Sneer Campaign is alive today. Because of your Courage, eight months had at least one post which for some reason allowed the rest of us live with dignity. Because of your Commitment — in the thick of the hiatus, as hours became weeks and weeks became even longer expanses of time — we were able to share the TarotScopes on our stupid Facebook Page and among our friends and to pretend that everything was fine. And because of your humble example, all good people will know that no matter who you are or what is going on out there in the world, you can do great things as a citizen — especially when you are a member of the Sneer Campaign family.

We like to say that every member of Sneer Campaign is as important as the other. That’s a lesson that we all have to remember — as writers, and as a website — as we meet the tests of our time, here at home and around the world. But right now, in this post, we acknowledge that one of us may have more determination and pluck than the rest. One can face hardship and stand up time and time again. One can observe the dramas of life and still be able to step back and have the Spirit tell her what’s up with each sign in the zodiac in the upcoming month.

She is a professional. She is a warrior.

Thank you, Tonyana, our hero.

Magnified emoji of a trophy.
You earned it, champ.

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