Productivity at Its Finest: Starring Doofus and Darling

Welcome back to our monthly comic series, Doofus and Darling. If you had Highlights for Children magazine when you were young, you’ve seen Goofus and Gallant. If not, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

Doofus and Darling Comic of 2 panels.

One: Dollissa lies on the ground while a clock urgently glows behind her. A notification beeps on her phone -- she ignores it while drawing a burger on paper. The caption says "Doofus has a dozen ideas for content for Sneer Week."
Other panel: Darling lies on her bed looking happily away from the calendar with the week circled. Judy the cat lies on her stomach. Darling sips coffee. The caption says "Darling also has a dozen ideas for content for Sneer Week."

We scrambled this Sneer Week.

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