Three Years of Sneers

It’s March 6th, the most important day in on our scowlendar year: the Sneeriversary! We are concluding our third year and boldly looking out onto our fourth year. Four years! We are seniors in high school now! We are gearing up for our re-election campaign! What else takes four years? Who cares! We’re here now, and we intend to continue as if nothing is the matter and as though time isn’t real at all. Tra la la. I drew something to celebrate us:

don't look away

Sneer Stats


In the Past Year




  • CYOA style story — we haven’t forgotten!
  • Choosing a new layout for the site by the end of this very theme week!
  • Romance Novels
  • New guests!
  • More serieses!
  • More Splendor!

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