Rock It Straight to the Stars with Our “Tunes in Space” Playlist

At the sneer campaign we have a love of many things, as we are so often eager to explain to you all. Along with animals and people and pretty much whatever, we also appreciate many Places. Some of these places include Cincinnati, Ohio, Newark, New Jersey, Whitby, Ontario, Adelaide, Australia, Las Vegas, Nevada, and… outer space.

Okay, so we’re afraid of space, but we love it too. It’s one of those things − like men, zoos, or Sailor Moon Drops − that we feel very strongly about in contrasting ways. Outer space is vast, dark, eerie. It’s full of mystery and wonder and all that shit!

Tunes in Space by Amanda Wood


It’s not just vast though, it’s also grooving. Space has got style, and it’s got style all its own. It’s got class. Space has the best fashion, the best weirdos, and the best musicians.


Anyway, I think Ernie, the most noble of the Sesame Street gang, put it best:

So if I should visit the moon

well I’ll dance on a moonbeam and then

I will make a wish on a star

and I’ll wish I was home once again.


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