TarotScopes: June-Buggin’



Hey there, Sneersters! It is time for the June TarotScopes, a sweet medley of Intuitive Tarot and a bit of astrological goings-on to give you a heads-up on the month ahead. Remember in addition to looking up your Sun sign, maybe look into your Moon and Rising signs to get a broader perspective. Mars is still in retrograde till June 29, so it is still not the greatest of times to start anything huge because it is likely to fizzle out before it gets off the ground. Don’t start any arguments, battles, or lawsuits with anyone… you won’t win. People will have a tendency to get very heated about things not flowing smoothly… particularly in traffic. Lots of rear-end collisions happen with Mars retro. If you allow yourself to get all worked up about something, chances are you will be REAL fired up by the end of the month, so maybe just cool your heels now, kids.

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GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


WEEK 1: This will be a time to do lots of research. Some of you may book a tremendous deal on a vacation spot, while others just enjoy some alone time. It isn’t imperative that you explain what you do or don’t do, to anyone.
WEEK 2: You are well aware of the potential regarding your home. Also there may be some issue regarding parents and their retirement or maybe you have to tend to a 401k thing. It is also possible that parents, bosses, or mentors will have a talk about what they have expected from you thus far.
WEEK 3: Intuitively, you will know just what it takes to have fun and find that joy. Looks like there will be a lot of Geminis on vacation around the 15th to 21st of June. Make time for creative self-expression.
WEEK 4: There is still work to be done on something you have been toiling over for weeks. A wrench may be thrown into your plans. It may take awhile to reach that success and earn a good public reputation as well.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


WEEK 1: There is good potential for drama at home; some Cancers will swear that they are have witnessed some type of paranormal activity. There will be a wonderful opportunity to be charitable. Some kind of heated debate has people talking, but you have an intuitive hunch that there is way more to the story than is being reported.
WEEK 2: There will be conflicts, but you mustn’t get involved. If you do, you’ll find out that you are outnumbered. Definitely don’t be the one to start anything, you rebellious rabble-rouser, you!
WEEK 3: Drama factor is still going strong and will likely carry throughout the month. Depending on how you react, it could end well… or not. There are so many personality clashes happening that it may be difficult to keep up with who is angry at whom and for what.
WEEK 4: Avoid the watching the news and maybe checking social media while you’re at it. If you do, you may get caught up in a bunch of emotional stuff that may bog you down, and then all your positive efforts would be for naught. Instead, focus on getting ahead professionally. Or, better yet, enjoy a round or two of putt-putt!


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


WEEK 1: Your finances will be improving but you have got to get a handle on how much your social life is costing you so that you can budget effectively. What good is getting all that money if you are just gonna blow it immediately afterward? There may be trouble at work, but I see this getting better as the month progresses. Be very smart and disciplined about the role you take on, whether it be on a team, in a club, or any type of networking endeavors.
WEEK 2: Don’t get so wrapped up in a creative project that you forget the basic needs. This hobby could become lucrative in time, but it wouldn’t be smart to put all your eggs in that basket just yet. There could also be news of an inheritance of some sort.
WEEK 3: This is a great time to meet people face to face. You may have to do quite a few things solo because since you decided to be more frugal, your jet-set pals may have abandoned you. Romantic dates may be a bit more challenging.
WEEK 4: Be aware of anyone getting extra flirty with your lover. It may be someone that they work with and chat with online. Things aren’t what they seem, that’s for sure.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


WEEK 1: Things are moving forward in a positive manner because you finally decide to make a change professionally and it pays off! You are on top of business goals and aspiring for even more abundance. The financial decisions you make are pretty impressive.
WEEK 2: Make a concerted effort to choose not to be angry. Take some of that delightful yet logical advice you usually give to others. It would be wise of you to look into joining some type of professional association to further your ambitions.
WEEK 3: You are more willing to work with others and get through differences to achieve the higher good. It seems someone like your spouse or good friend thinks that you lack leadership abilities or feels you should be making more progress faster. I also feel this same person will bump heads with your father or another patriarchal figure in your life. Don’t get involved in the power-plays.
WEEK 4: You may find yourself being extra googly-eyed towards a special someone. I feel it is someone that offers you a service, like the lawn person, bartender or member of a wait staff. You tip them very well. WINK.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


WEEK 1: Something isn’t working exactly right at home (more than likely an appliance) and it is infuriating your partner. They may take their frustration out on you. The two of you will have lots of opportunity to learn more about each other while socializing with others. Travel is definitely on the brain, and some of you will be doing the long-distance variety. There will be lots of banter with those from different cultures.
WEEK 2: You may feel inspired to take a class to learn about a different religion or even a new language. Take a break from politics and what you hear around the proverbial water cooler. Some Librans may have trouble attaining green cards, visas, or passports.
WEEK 3: Careers in media will be especially beneficial for you, at the very least marketing yourself or a product will pan out nicely. It’s competitive out there, but you will rise above the rest. You may attract potential clients from other countries. Consider again, going back to school in order to further your career aims.
WEEK 4: You feel free to have lots of fun! The thing is, you aren’t wanting to incite any jealousy so you aren’t exactly shouting your joys from the rooftops. Communication with your mate couldn’t be better!


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


WEEK 1: Traveling, attending events, legal proceedings, and religious activities are highlighted. Some of you may be changing residences or jobs. Intuitively, you feel that now is the time. The days you choose to take your vacation may be causing a bit of controversy at work for some reason.
WEEK 2: You turn a co-worker on to a cool hip place in town. I feel that you both go out together and I feel it is important that you either split the bill or pay separately. In fact, even though this person is quite entertaining, it would be wise to NEVER have any financial dealings with them at all. They are charming as can be, deceptively so.
WEEK 3: It is a good time to have one on one communication with siblings and cousins, just to catch up on the basics. Look up activities, restaurants, and places close to home that you haven’t got around to trying yet. It will be easier to get along with nosy neighbors and relatives. Start things over with a clean slate.
WEEK 4: Be aware of disappointing personality clashes. Be leery of investing in anything that sounds too good to be true. Luck and prosperity is with you, but you still must be smart about things.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


WEEK 1: Be very picky about who you let tag along with you to different activities. People enjoy different things, and you want to make sure that they dig the activity so they don’t bring you down. It is okay to invite someone new.
WEEK 2: There’s a bit of a conflict that has been going on under your nose that you have chosen to be oblivious to. It has to do with those who share your home. Some of you may be dealing with child support or custody issues.
WEEK 3: You may work together with others to get an event off the ground. It will work out splendidly! Extended family will show up in the most unlikely of places. Actually make fun plans with them and carry it through.
WEEK 4: There will be lots of talk about furthering education, where, when, and what classes may be needed. You may be feeling competitive at work, but make sure you don’t step on anyone in order to get to the top. If you conduct yourself with integrity, you will be blessed.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


WEEK 1: You find yourself at odds with a partner. There are definitely some grievances that need airing. You seem to be doing everything up to par at work, yet neglecting things at home.
WEEK 2: You find a clever way to blend your daily work with the errands that have been neglecting and you gain the support of those who share your home again. This job isn’t really cutting it, but for now it will do. You are giving out the kind of energy creative types are attracted to.
WEEK 3: A work event may offer a leadership opportunity and the respect of your peers. I feel that it won’t take place that far from your home, which is very convenient. This gathering may lead to more clients, productivity, and achievements down the road.
WEEK 4: Moderation will be key. If you go overboard, you will be signing up for an uphill battle you’re unlikely to win. You have been working so hard for these results for awhile now. Take it easy so you don’t over-exert yourself.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


WEEK 1: Don’t party so hard that you wake up in regret the next morning. Focus on work that is practical, possible, and very fun and you will prosper. A delightful foreigner inspires you to learn about their culture or language in hopes to prepare you for a bit of international travel.
WEEK 2: Someone who you considered your go-to is now at odds with you. They don’t agree with some of your “recreational activities” as of late. You feel that they are being too hard on you. There is likely to be some financial issues because of it. Chances are you may have to skimp on vacation, creative projects, or time spent with pets or children because of it. You may need to realign your priorities a bit.
WEEK 3: Embark on all kinds of short journeys and then share all that wonderful knowledge that you have acquired through experience. Get involved in your community. You are becoming an excellent communicator.
WEEK 4: You will be dealing with very simple minded, maybe even bigoted, people. It may distract your flow a bit and leave you a bit frazzled, if you allow it to get to you. Remain focused. A lover may reveal that they enjoy a hobby of yours and you are elated!


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


WEEK 1: As much as you’d like to spend money on loved ones, your budget says otherwise. Some mature Pisceans may be thinking about retirement and real estate investments while the younger ones may be dealing with intrusive roommates and overbearing mother issues. If you feel the need to invest in stocks, go into it with a wise partner or maybe join an investment club and be disciplined about it. Do your research, no swift moves.
WEEK 2: You may decide to visit family or the town you grew up in. A loved one may seem more like a rival. They don’t agree with how you handle finances and may speak ill of you regarding such things.
WEEK 3: You may win back a loved one’s heart by showing them that you actually have financial goals of owning that perfect house, boat, etc. While it is nice to gain acceptance from others, don’t put your own priorities on the back burner. Avoid taking in house guests because you will become terribly annoyed at the hours they keep and their sloppiness. One way of doing this is to make sure that no one has too much to drink, because they probably won’t crash for just the night.
WEEK 4: You may find that one or both of your parents are irritated with your behavior or choice of a friend or mate. They feel that the person you bring home is a bit too friendly… if you catch my drift. Money should be much better by the end of the month.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


WEEK 1: You will feel an inward nudge that you are being given a new lease on life. Hooray! Take up a solitary project. You spend enough time with people already, hotshot.
WEEK 2: Lay some groundwork. Don’t get caught up with when it will happen, just know that it will. All you need to do is take steps in the direction you want to go and the Universe will swoop in and take you along for the rest. Do something out in nature that isn’t too strenuous, yet is a bit competitive.
WEEK 3: Relax and don’t stick your neck out for anyone right now. You may want to start keeping a food journal. Some of you may be gaining a bit too much weight, while others may have a food allergy. A journal will help with both.
WEEK 4: Life will get better once you get a better grasp on how you perceive money. Revise how you treat others and the words you use when things get heated. People don’t care much to be analyzed, but they do like to be heard. This is your opportunity to start anew!


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


WEEK 1: It is not enough for you to think… you actually have to DO. You know this, still don’t do what needs doing, then hate yourself later for it. This plays out the strongest when it comes to your finances.
WEEK 2: You are not your things. Never once have you judged another by how much they have in their bank account, yet you give yourself such a hard time when you feel you haven’t “measured up.” Why do you treat yourself like this? This is not what your spiritual doctrine teaches you, so stop it already!
WEEK 3: Finally, a revelation! Things start working out. Be frugal, not fearful. You got it, keep on keeping on.
WEEK 4: No one needs to know your strategy. If you told them, they would only discourage you and curb your enthusiasm. Plant some good seeds for yourself, water the little fellas, and don’t let anyone trample all over them once the results of your efforts start to show.

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