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Life is hard and sometimes you need help. As usual, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve talked about some great sites we love before, like Duolingo and Habbo Hotel Forever. We’ve compiled some sites below to help you dictate your entire life through internet apps and tools. Gamify everything you can until your entire life is a series of activities you are completing to earn points. What can you do with those points? Pile them into your heart, I guess? We haven’t figured that part out yet.

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For Improving Life


Superbetter  You too can be Superbetter! We have tried it and give it a whole five stars out of three. We used it originally to combat our crippling depression, and it actually did help. The interactions between friends loaded slowly when we tried it first, but things seem to have improved, just like we did! See, anything can be Superbetter.

Do Yoga With Me – We adore yoga to the fullest extent that people can without ever attending a real class or having dreadlocked hippie hair. We love to do a yoga when we think of it, in between eating snack cakes and burgers. What’s a chakra? We don’t know, but we do know this is a good site. It has hundreds of yoga videos for all levels, as well as descriptions and videos for each pose.

Yoga with Adriene – Speaking of yoga, a beloved YouTube yoga personality named Adriene brings her sunny disposition and wacky jokes to her 30-day challenges, stress release yoga videos, and yoga for specific ailments (wrist pain, lower back pain, etc.). There are a thousand youtube yoga girls, but Adriene is our fave. If you want to struggle into poses while laughing, this is for you.



For Habits

Water Tracker – Hydro — You might not need a reminder for drinking water, but without one I will always reach for a coffee, day or night, summer or winter. It turns out that you need water hydration to have healthy innards. And it turns out that there are about a billion apps that are designed to help you achieve water drinking goals. We have tried a few that had cute animations of growing plants, and that did various other things — such as SHAME us. But we like this one best.

LifeRPG – Some people might think things like this are a little overwhelming, but I think you just have to start small. Start with one single mission until you get the hang of it, you don’t have to do everything at once. The most important part here is that you can level up! And you level up personal skills! With this, you don’t just feel like you’re improving, a points system SHOWS YOU that you definitely are.


For Mind Consciousness


Meditation and mindfulness are great exercises to engage in if you’re feeling stressed, need a break, or just have some down time and want to relax. Meditation can be done on your own or in groups, wherever you want, however you prefer.

Stop, Breathe, Think – with this app you check in briefly with how you’re feeling and choose a short meditation or activity based on that. Available for iOS, and Android. You can even use this one without an app, or without even logging in (choose the option for Just Browsing) at this link to their web version. There are also Alexa integrations for guided meditations and a meditation timer.

xhalr — Sometimes we want some simplicity and boy does this site ever provide! But then, sometimes you want to be able to make micro-adjustments to all sorts of things. Once you locate the menu in the top right corner, you can do that, too! Adjust the speed and depth of breathing, even have a little audio. Go nuts, but go nuts calmly.


For Your Brain — I learned a lot from this site! Although I paid for a subscription for quite a while, they often have some courses that you can take for free. Follow them on Facebook to see those! Also, you can sign up for a trial to see how many great courses they have. I learned about InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, CSS, and more. It was pretty cool. The courses are laid out like video tutorials with chapters and the occasional extra reading. Some courses make it easy to work along with the videos.



For Fun

sync ur frandz — We have endorsed this one before and we still use it! Syncing shows together creates a bond and a chance for fun chit chat, which you know we love.

tracktacular — We can’t be the only people who think it is FUN to track every possible aspect of your life. This site goes a long way towards ensuring that every of your waking moments can be spent making notes on yourself. It’s great. It’s so satisfying. And whenever it becomes overwhelming, just go back to a breathing meditation or yoga! Easy. Perfect.

sneercampaign’s exhaustive supply of edutainment – Dazzle your friends with all of this knowledge we are shoving in your face at least once weekly, hand over fist, very insistently. We want you to be smarter, to live smarter, and to talk smarter. Do as we say. Do as we do. You’re already on the right path by reading this article on this site that you are lucky to be on.

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