What Was Winter 2018’s Most Horrifying Anime? The Answer Will SHOCK YOU

Oh hey, you’re here. That means you really want to know what Winter 2018’s most horrifying anime was, right? Look, you clicked the link, not me. AND NO THE ANSWER IS NOT THE JUNJI ITO COLLECTION. No, I am talking about Mitchiri Neko, which contains the sort of horror you can normally only get from food mascots begging you to eat them alive.

neko neko neko

A million years ago in internet time Mitchiri Neko was a delightful meme video where cats would march across your screen playing a cheerful tune. But it seems whatever necromantic magic was used to bring it back to life has also turned it into a sick, twisted thing. Behind the cute pastel colors lies a world full of uncontrollable body deformation and nonchalant, indiscriminate death.


In this world any object may suddenly be made out of cats. Sounds cute, right? WRONG! Imagine if you will that the chair you are sitting on turns into cats. It loses its structural integrity and you and the cats fall to the floor, your body crushing most of them. Imagine that then nobody really cares. Nothing is said beyond, “Oh hey, are you all dead?” Imagine a world where this is considered funny. That is the world of Mitchiri Neko.


You will watch as a cat cannibalizes others and be told cheerfully on the next screen that for some reason cats disappear when this cat is around. You will see humans abduct cats with a mechanical crane with no concern for the cat or its family that is wailing in agony at the loss of their loved one. Cats will be crushed to death under other cats, permanently stuck in tubes, and disastrously deformed and it is funny, right? IT’S FUNNY RIGHT


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