Sneer Campaign Breakfast: Fruit of the Fowl

We love eggs, we do. At Sneer HQ we have eggs every day usually, and there are a few of us, so we go through them pretty quickly. When we run out of eggs, it’s a tragedy. We ran out the other week and for a few days, we weren’t really sure what to eat. This is a big reason why we will have chickens.

We’re all stocked up though! And we are bringing a recipe to you.

Put An Egg On It


  • Eggs
  • Anything else in your kitchen

Serves everyone in your house


  1. Cook your non-egg things
  2. Fry up an egg
  3. Put an egg on it!
  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle, compost

Make sure to cook as many eggs as you need to put an egg on each food. This works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We mostly do it like this for breakfast or on lentils for lunch. But rest assured that we have had plenty of egg-laden dinners, yum yum!

We compost our food scraps whenever possible, and we also save vegetable cuttings in the freezer, per a Hot Tip from our friend Michelle. She recommended saving some veggie scraps in a ziploc in the freezer. Then, you can boil it up for a soup when you have enough (just make sure to strain it if necessary).

Later, when you make the soup, don’t be afraid to add some scrambled egg into it at time of serving. Also, the next morning, you can spoon some soup over a piece of toast and do the fried egg thing on that one, too. That’s known as an Amandoll Special.

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