Wintertime at the Sneer HQ

It’s been as low as -18F (-27C) here at the Sneer HQ — without the windchill, even! Gurl, you know it’s Winter. The ten day forecast ranges in temperature and weather dramatically in every direction, and it will continue to do so until it becomes suddenly Summer anywhere from March to June. But for now, right this minute, there is ice and snow everywhere we look, until later this afternoon, when it all melts away abruptly.

We know that you’d love to know what else we do as we are mired in the Depression that comes along with the cold, horrible streaks of overcast days. So bleak. So grey. Did we get transported to England, because that’s how grey it’s been. Just kidding though, it’s still frequently bright enough that our cave creature eyes scald from the sunlight bouncing off of the snow when we dare to look out of the windows. Regardless, there are still enough things that we do that I can tell you about an average week.

As you can see, we keep busy:


Every day is grey so we don’t even realize it’s Sunday. Who cares.

  • We look upon our wall of calendars, excited for there to be a fresh week of attained goals or accumulated shames — which will it be!?
  • We each, separately, check several weather apps for the forecast that is seldom accurate
  • Dollissa mysteriously migrates to have a one person slumber party in the front room for a while
  • Amandoll stares out the window, looking for evidence of a sudden Ice Age; she will do this until April
  • Manny didn’t leave in time so will just stay here until the weather improves — SUCCESS!
  • The cats ask for kibble which we then provide — repeat every several hours
  • Zesta and Haircut do not move away from the heaters
  • We research area museums and sights, planning for future field trips, promising to be less reclusive this year
  • Make a list of “rewards” that we will give ourselves for reasons we have yet to decide


Garbage Day!

  • We talk about gathering our trash and recycling and then discuss whether or not we want to deal with the freezing temperatures and ice — we probably do not
  • Put all of the things to compost into the refrigerator because it’s too cold outside to want to work on the compost bins
  • Sync a dozen episodes in a row of “In Search of…” with cchris
  • It is Dollissa’s day off, so we discuss goals and plans for the year ranging from this site to the garden to chickens
  • Momentarily excited, we make charts involving our plans for 2019
  • We immediately forget which notebooks we have just planned in, but that’s okay because there are now several notebooks floating around containing different renditions of our life goals
  • Remember to write an article; Amandoll just draws something
  • We create lists of healthy foods and recipes and genuinely intend to follow this plan
  • Manny is a hero and braves the cold to set out the garbage!


This is the best day to clean the whole house.

  • We do not clean the house again.
  • Amandoll talks about how great cleanliness is yet does not have the energy to get out the vacuum cleaner
  • Dollissa feels legitimately ill and calls out of work; is ashamed which makes everything worse
  • Remember to make content for Sneer Campaign just in time, maybe
  • Amandoll stays in bed most of the day, too tired to get up but not tired enough to nap, apparently
  • Dollissa is still lying face down on the front room floor
  • Hulu television marathons
  • Obsessively look at our WordPress stats and never draw any conclusions about what any of it indicates
  • In HQ Group Chat, we silently discuss how loud everything in the world is
  • Manny surprises us with an exquisitely hearty wintertime meal
  • We finally feel alert and awake at 9PM, which is bad because this is the night we should try to go to sleep early
Like one single person read a lot of articles? Thanks, buddy


Wednesdays are mostly defined as the one day a week when Amandoll’s parents come over to work on a home maintenance project.

  • Up and at ’em by 10AM
  • Coffee coffee coffee which then turns into tea tea tea later in the day
  • Dollissa has a day of work meetings
  • Amandoll’s parents come over bringing food and fixing up the house, which is very nice of them
  • But the weather is generally too cold, so we just sit and talk
  • A discussion about what plans we have for house fixer uppering this year in which we show them the lists and charts we have made, after some searching
  • We remember that we have a site and discuss the fact that Dollissa is better at Wednesday content because she watches TV — results always pending
  • The Captain stares at Amandoll or Manny all day, ignores Dollissa
  • Actually work towards attaining long-term goals


  • “Thursday? What do we do on Thursdays?”
  • Dollissa’s day off; we discuss the possibility of leaving the house
  • Compulsively, obsessively check weather apps
  • Zesta decides to nap next to Amandoll and winds up doing something clingy and weird
  • We agree to just go out into the yard as our “group outing”
  • Take lots of pictures of us bundled up, looking like we are pretending to have fun
  • Dollissa moves back to her own bedroom without a word
  • Amandoll generates some throwaway filler content for this site suddenly
  • cchris wants to sync something RIGHT NOW and gets so huffy when I’M BUSY
  • Group discussion about how we want to apportion the rooms once many new ones are finished and available later this year; discussion of decorating and furniture
  • Our phones give us a warning, days in advance, about a terrible winter storm that is supposed to start on the weekend
  • Manny creates three separate egg-based meals for us, each more delicious than the last


  • The weather warning has changed to be a severe threat of deadly sheets of ice, we assume that outside in the world, grocery stores are being ransacked
  • Momentary excitement as we discuss how wonderful it will be to have city chickens
  • Create chicken lists, more coop blueprints
  • Candice visits and shovels our sidewalks because she is a champion
  • Amandoll receives thirty emails from her mom explaining how to winter-proof a house so that pipes don’t burst and heating bills don’t murder us in our sleep next month
  • “So loud! Everything is so loud! Louder than ever!!”
  • In a perfect world, we would just nap continually.
  • NO! Coffee! “Metabolism vitamins!” Exercise! We can fight this!
  • Time to sync more In Search of…!
  • Zesta walks into the room and delivers a long, loud soliloquy in her language


Another lazy day of not needing to generate content!

  • We talk about how we need to start preparing for this site weeks and months in advance, like we used to
  • “Wasn’t it supposed to be a deadly winter storm today?”
  • Sun is shining, springtime birds are singing
  • We are out of eggs and yearn for our own chickens, and more eggs, generally
  • We run into each other in the kitchen and talk about how proud we are of ourselves, pointedly ignoring the Shame Calendar
  • Tuff Ghost asks for food three times a day. That’s pretty much the extent of what he does, fyi
  • Amandoll might remember to put something on that stupid Facebook Sneer Campaign Page. Why does anyone bother to keep those things? They’re useless.
  • Devote time to building our empires, each one of them
  • Custard swipes at and scratches Dollissa again
  • 8PM – “Woaaahhh there’s like a foot of snow suddenly???”
  • Discuss again how nice Spring will be and we are not even going to mention that summer will bring its own set of woes

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