Sneer Campaign is Back, Again

It’s us! Back in your face with some hashtag content. Where have we been? Well, since we will probably not want to talk about 2020 ever again, we will just give you some highlights.

Our unplanned hiatus had highs and lows — real lows that we will tell you about later. We stayed at home and tended to our cats, primarily. Dollissa worked and Amandoll drew, much of it felt like reliving the same day over and over. But we did some stuff too. We promise!

An image done in zazzy 1920s style of Amandoll and Dollissa dancing in front of a multi-layered blue circle backdrop. The image announces Sneer Campaign at the top, and at the bottom it says "Oh hey."

Some recent sneer fast facts:

  • Amandoll has churned out some excellent art and you can see it by liking her dumb artist page on stupid Facebook
  • Dollissa’s newest special interest is personal finance and now everyone has a budget
  • We finally got someone to move to Sneer HQ, increasing the number of mugs to an unreasonable amount
  • Cookie consumption has also increased to an unreasonable amount because Jamie bakes a lot
  • Doubled HQ into a burgeoning Compound (we aren’t a cult) and the new house appears to have no ghosts, yet
  • And we now have a large office, which currently contains only Dollissa’s desk and her rollerskates
  • Sassy little Zesta has moved into the new house
Sneer HQ Office presents: Zesta Destiny. Zesta the Cat stands far away in a very empty room, TMNT rollerskates are in the foreground. The image is split into two, and an arrow points to a new low resolution picture of Zesta wearing those rollerskates.
  • Muriel, our outdoor cat, has moved in
  • Dollissa used her sewing machine for the first time in several years to make a pillow and matching blanket for Haircut
  • We discovered that the Cincinnati area has an unreasonable amount of delicious foods available for delivery right into our open mouths — and we do love to boost the local economy, even the stores deliver to us now
  • Amandoll made a whole coloring book of Art Deco Cats which she will figure out how to sell to the world sometime this year
  • We found new ways to offer new products! (info coming real soon)
  • And we have a bunch of new products in the works, being brainstormed
  • Tonyana continued Tarotscopes, rain or shine,
  • We are trying to figure out pinterest. Even though it feels incomprehensible, it’s so fun

So yes. Welcome back to us, and to you. We will try to get it together and KEEP it together this year, in this new world. We did miss you.

Sneer Back

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