Sneer Empire Goals

An iconic drawing of Dollissa and Amandoll looking haughty, only now they have long grey beards and grey hair.

Hot pink words on the yellow background state: "long grey beards always symbolize advanced old age f y i."

It’s been six years! That sounds like so many years! Six years is enough time to have real life changes and we sure have had some. We have also learned to have aspirations and dreams which are actually feasible. Being able to make feasible goals is itself a goal achieved.

Every New Sneer Year we list some goals for ourselves as we do with every kind of new year. But here are our Sneer Empire goals in general. Please enjoy them, and know that we hope you don’t remember if we don’t meet our goals. THANKS.

To Double Our Views

Why? Well we want more people to read our silly posts! You may have noticed that there are no ads on Sneer and we do not make money from the site. We just love writing our sneers (and seeing what Amandoll draws for them) and we extra love if they make you laugh!

Since we don’t get many comments (huff), we do check how many views we get. We check it maybe too often. It builds us up and tears us down. But thank you, dear readers, who have ever shared our content or told a friend. And thank you in advance when you start forming fan clubs dedicated to us.

Screencapture image of our paltry page views chart. At the beginning of March there were some outstanding days, probably from Tarotscopes. But today, only 33 people have viewed our efforts so far.
Only thirty-three looks today? My, my.

To Sell Some Art

Why? This is Amanda’s JOB. To be quite honest, we make very little from any RedBubble sales of sneer art. We call it our “penny profits” as it’s frequently under forty cents. We don’t mind that though, if you want a piece of Amandoll’s beautiful art on your body or in your home. The process of making everything and shipping it out is too much for us, so we’re settling for making essentially no money. Thanks, Redbubble!

A screencap from the redbubble store showing a model wearing a bumble bee yellow sleeveless shirt sporting a design that is a funny drawing of an open mouthed empty eyed blue tabby cat.
This design of the Captain was most recently added on like eighty items.

It makes us very happy though! Did you buy that Dorelia magnet? We love you. Would you like to eat the rich OR have work incentive? We have just the thing for you. Are you one of the two people who bought the Mommie Dearest onesie? We wish you were our friend.

Off the internet, Amanda sells some art through local stores! Someday we may ship these things out eventually or make our own online store, but for now if you’re ever in Covington, Kentucky, you may be interested in some terrifying/terrified carousel horse buttons or greetings cards filled with a dark aesthetic or two.

Screencapture image of twenty listings of designs showing frightened horses, basically. Thats what carousel horse heads are. Studies of horse fear.
The nevernotamanda store is HERE for all of your frightened living carousel horse needs.

If you are looking for a portrait of your cute dog, a cartoon of your friends, or an art nouveau masterpiece of your spouse’s face, you should let Amandoll know! She takes commissions for actual cash dollar money profits! Email her at

Some Site Fixes

We will be migrating Sneer Campaign to a different host! When we set up this site, we had no idea how domains worked. We had made WordPress sites before, but the more technical stuff was so far beyond Dollissa that it’s pretty laughable now. Well now, yes, she has learned. Dollissa works for Automattic, parent company of, and now knows how to work with domains and shit. More importantly, we will now have actual access to our hosting, along with the pretty amazing features that has. We will also be updating the one million tags in use so that we only use a hundred, instead. It is daunting.

In addition to that, we will be making our site more accessible and more optimized for mobile devices. Dollissa has learned a lot about accessibility in the past few years and vows to make things better starting with our own site. We’ll be starting with making our alt-text better (we already started!) on our posts, on Instagram, and anywhere else applicable. If you’re interested in learning more about alt-text, one of my favorite resources is the Alt Text as Poetry workbook by Bojana Coklyat and Shannon Finnegan. The physical workbook set is sold out right now, but you can join the wait list or use the digital versions for free.

An image of a screencap of the Alt Text box in our website editor. There are words in the box that say, "I am writing the alt text for this image in order to make this image. Hint: the alt text for this image will not be this text, but it will be, a little."

Oh Right, Our Content

We are going to continue to write posts three times a week for the foreseeable future. We swear! We have been all 2021 so far with no intentions of stopping. We are going to try to relax enough to bring joy and creativity back into the mix. Also, the other writers too! And fresh new guests!

Here’s to six more years of sneers!

Sneer Back

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