The Sixth Year of Sneer

I guess we have just experienced our sixth full year of having a shared identity of The Sneer Campaign. How about that? Does it feel like it’s been that long? Heavens no! Does six years sound like a very, very long time? You bet your booty it does! Am I staring into the mirror, checking for age lines and grey hairs? Haha yes of course.

A small image showing Amandoll and Dollissa with flowers behind their ears, singing while playing ukuleles. There are palm fronds behind them.
caterwaulin’ for a flatter drawlin’ — yes, i am sorry to have done that but not sorry enough to delete those cursed words.

Even though year six was a solid D+ in terms of content that we generated — we started strong until the pandemic and prolonged civil unrest gave us the ol’ one-two punch of collective societal despair and we just didn’t wanna be funny or use energy on anything other than self-reflection, worry, and distraction – we feel it was still a passing grade. Passing ENOUGH. We aren’t being held back. We are NOT going to repeat last year!

In our sixth year, we fizzled out, lost two cats, gained a housemate, missed our friends, survived, never fell ill, dug into reclusiveness, and became a little older in a few ways, I guess. This year is looking up, after a bumpy start back in January. We shall strive to never again let the rough patches of worldly events bother us and keep us from you. We hope that never happens again! And in thirty or so posts, we will have a huge event: our thousandth post! A thing to look forward to!

In the meantime, let’s celebrate us again. This month is the “hey we’re still here!” celebration. And the “we aren’t the only Sneerists around, either” acknowledgement. Saxon, Tonyana, Erica, Billy Holiday, Jeremy, and cchris — I hope you appreciate this!

An illustration done in the style of a 1920s Para Todos magazine cover, there are eight people in a little friend pile all singing and playing ukuleles. There are palm fronds and oriental style paper lanterns. Everyone has a flower and other Hawaiian seeming accessories. There are some grass skirts
Maybe SOME of you will be inspired to write more often.

Sneer Back

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