Sneer Haus Visit Handbook

Welcome to Sneer Compound, formerly Sneer HQ. Please enjoy your stay, make yourself at home, our casa es su casa, etc. Or as they say in Covington, our haus is your haus.

A google street view image of the two Sneer Houses side by side: one, a handsome red brick house built in 1904. The other, a quaint yet tall blue home of narrow siding. Together, they stand upon three lots' of space.

Text on the image says "book your stay early and often."
*reservations made by invitation only

Before Your Arrival

Once you schedule your visit with the reservations office, it will be added to the official Sneer Map of Days. When you receive your confirmation, answer the following in your followup email:

  • Let us know if you have any allergies, as fresh flowers are placed in each house for your visit, and we can arrange for your stay in the cat-free unit.
  • Sneer Compound has two units and many stairs. A stay on the ground floor is possible.
  • Tell us your favorite foods and drinks, and if you do not drink alcohol.
  • List your favorite interests so that we can plan a loose itinerary.
A real life photographic image of the calendar in our hallway that is tracking who is to visit, when, and for how long. It's very full.
Our social map of days is nearly full for the month of June.

Arrival and Rooms

Upon arrival we’ll help you to your room and show you around, no matter the time. All guest rooms include a bed, dresser, and beautiful view.

Coffee and fresh cookies by stovepipeconfections will be ready for you. If you have a cookie preference please let us know ahead of time, but you’ll likely be greeted with honey sugar cookies and chocolate chip.

A photo of two plates of cookies, wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck with a stovepipe confections sticker. The plate on the left is chocolate chip cookies, and on the right are sugar cookies. They are quite robust.
Cookies as big as your face-parts.

Tours are scheduled 15 minutes after arrival (not mandatory). Tours include viewings of the full compound, including the red house (Unit 1), blue house (Unit 2), all flowers, herbs, and other plants, and the Sneer Cat Memorial Garden Walk.

Street parking is available at all times, as well as two spots behind Unit 2. If you have a bike, there is a rack in the Unit 1 garage.

Food and Drink

When eating in Unit 1, you will ingest some cat hair. It won’t kill you. (If you’re allergic to cats, you’ll be staying in Unit 2).

If your stay is longer than three days, it will include all three of the following:

  • grilled chicken or turkey burgers from the backyard grill, with veggies (chef Jamie) *there will be a vegetarian option, always
  • delivery from Amol India or Kung Food Amerasia
  • dining out downtown

Any food in sight is available to eat in both kitchens of Unit 1. All drinks are also fair game, but be careful of any unlabeled jars or bottles, as they may be concoctions by Manny or decoctions by Dollissa.

A photo of an open saucepan shows a heap of little white flowers. It looks like popcorn, but it isn't!
A saucepan of clover flowers eventually becomes the syrup you always wanted.

At Home Activities

We have a wild and wacky assortment of at-home activities for folks who want to go all-in on the Sneer atmosphere. You can choose from any of our built-in options or request your own:

  • zine making
  • gardening and harvesting
  • cooking (food or herb/flower syrups)
  • TV watching (or syncing)
  • a party

A note on parties: Parties are planned months in advance and you’ll have significant notice of the date, theme, and any requirements. All Sneer Compound parties have themes, and while dressing up for it is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. Parties include food, drinks, guaranteed fun, and gift bags.

An old almost-blurry photo of a guy and a gal -- Kevin and Amandoll. They both have various amounts of fake facial hair on, and name tags. Amandoll has fake blood streaming from her mouth and a matching red hat.
Kevin “Kay Flay” Flambam Flasch poses with Amandoll at some inscrutably themed party. *Kevin not always included as a feature of our shindigs — apologies in advance.

Downtown and Around Covington

Most hosts are available any day for visits to downtown Covington, the Central Business District, or Mainstrasse Village, our three “downtowns” which are mere steps from each other. From Sneer Compound, all great Covington attractions are one mile away.

Covington tours available upon request:

  • The Greenup Walk
  • Mainstrasse Village
  • Devou Park and the River

Tours are all by foot and will include a confused but earnest explanation of stores, restaurants, and other attractions, including any special meaning or relationships with Sneer Campaign. Please alert us if you play Pokemon Go, as we can lead toward Pokestops and Gyms for you.

Stays longer than four days will include a visit to Jungle Jim’s and the Ohio Valley Antique Mall, located some distance north of the Ohio River.

A photo of a cast iron off-brand Mickey Mouse Guy with pale white shorts and a notched ear that I think is actually a can opener? He has hooks for feet. He looks dirty. Words alongside the image say "buy this kind of thing."
Purchased locally, valued eternally.

Our Recommendations

Sure, you have Google Maps and Yelp and whatever, but we are here to tell you what’s great about Covington so you can head right there.

Earth 2 Kentucky – If you put together a store with all of our favorite things, with Alf merchandise and packs of old trading cards, Garbage Pail Kid stickers and old movie posters, bootleg/art toys and NASA memorabilia, we’ll you’d be reinventing the wheel! Because we have the best store, Earth 2 Kentucky, right here in our town.

Hail Records and Oddities – Primarily a record store, Hail also features taxidermy, local stickers and other makers, horror movies on VHS, and satanic trinkets. It also occasionally carries greeting cards by none other than Amandoll.

Hierophany & Hedge – Our newest favorite store is more of an experience. Whether or not you need a wand, Pharaonic tomb sand, the most beautiful tarot cards you’ve ever seen, or custom-made talismans… you do need to visit. The store is beautifully crafted over every inch, and Augur and Coil will make you feel welcome and magical through their words and actions.

The most nicely wrapped single bar of soap ever purchased.

Vent Haven Museum – The World’s Only Museum Dedicated to Ventriloquism. We’ve raved about them before on our post The Vent Haven Museum: Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Lil’s Bagels – These are the best NYC style bagels you’ll find in Kentucky, but also a community hotspot! We’re sad to have missed the gay soup nights and the movie nights, but we’re ready for whatever comes next!

Cymbal House – A novelty stop! This store sells only cymbals.

Mike’s Music: The Village, Sight Sound & Stage – There is some impressive stuff going on here, including audio and video production, but we love it for the large, scattered collection of vintage instruments.

Theatre House – A longtime Covington staple, it is also a great place to stock up for our party needs!

Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs – The most luxurious FAUX fur coats you’ll find! Don’t worry, we love animals.

An art deco drawing of Dollissa from five years ago where she is seen wearing a leopard skin coat -- only we all know that it's faux because real fur is murder.

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